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How To Make Money From Scrap Car Parts?

The cars, their makes, and the models keep evolving with time. A new car is launched every other day, and we all sure love to update our vehicles from time to time. Sometimes your old car is pretty fine and functioning, so you sell it to a used car buyer or a private customer. But what happens when your scrap car is almost totaled and couldn’t be used even after spending massive money on the repairs?

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Well, you certainly park it at the back of your garage and let it stale, right?

You don’t have to do that. Your junk car is surely a waste, but that waste could be recycled and repurposed against, and so, you can make money out of your junk car.

Numbers highlight that an estimated 27 million cars get recycled every year from across the globe. So many people switch to newer and more efficient car models leaving behind their old, junk cars. A lot of vehicles also get totaled as an outcome of serious accidents.

Whatever the reason be, these junk and totaled cars have a lot more to offer than staling at the back of your vehicle. Either you can sell them to a junkyard to even make money from the scrap car parts individually.

The other way round is disposing of these junk cars, which creates excessive landfills and pollutes the earth’s environment.

Therefore, you can both make money and prevent environmental pollution by selling your junk cars or scrap car parts that can be used to recycle and repurpose.

Sell Your Car to A Junkyard

Earning cash for junk cars is a real thing. You can easily clear the clutter from your garage and sell that old, staling car parked at the back against instant cash.

There are various junkyards available in most vicinities that buy junk cars against good money. They also provide towing facilities for free, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle.

Simply hire one of these junkyard services, and boom – you’ll soon get rid of your old car and also get money against something you thought was of no value at all. Sounds appealing, huh?

What if the junkyard services don’t offer enough value for your car? Want to make money from your junk car? We’ve got you covered with an exciting way out.

Junkyards most often purchase old cars to scrap them for metal and other recyclable material, and so they pay you accordingly.

However, some valuable parts in your car could be separately sold to earn more cash.

Seven Most Valuable Car Parts to Scrap For Money

Here’s the list of the seven most valuable car parts you can scrap for money before selling your old car to a junkyard!


Want to know the most valuable auto part which you can scrap for money? Well, that’s your car’s engine for sure. Engines are an expansive component, and they could be of great usage, either working or not.

If your engine is functioning, you can easily sell it to someone looking for a replacement with an almost similar car model and make it with yours.

However, if your engine isn’t functioning – it still could be of great value because it comprises significant parts. The cables, oil pan, camshaft, valves, piston, cylinder heads, and so on – all these parts could be used in rebuilding or repairing a damaged car engine.

You can sell a non-functioning engine to an auto repair shop and make handsome cash.

Transmission System

This is another valuable auto part you could scrap for money from your old cars. An estimated value of the global transmission market stands at $109.36 billion, which is expected to increase massively in the coming years.

The numbers certainly highlight the value of transmission systems without doubt.

There’s a great possibility that your car has been totaled, yet the transmission system still functions. You can easily sell that to an auto repair shop against handsome cash to even a private party searching for a replacement.

If your transmission system isn’t working, you can still saran good cash by selling it to either a scrapyard or any metal recycling service.

It has many metal elements such as aluminum, steel, cast iron, and brass that could easily be recycled and repurposed.

Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converters are an essential car component and comes with expansive metals such as palladium, rhodium, and platinum. While the laws in most states do not allow selling used catalytic converters for replacement, you can still make money by scraping them for metal.

Got yourself an old, junk car parked at the back of your garage? You can make good cash out of this useless vehicle by selling the used catalytic converter to a metal scrapyard. They’ll surely pay you a handsome amount for the metals it contains are quite premium.

GPS System

the GPS of your car hardly gets damaged and worn. Even if your car has been fully totaled in an accident or you’ve used it for quite a time, the possibility of a damaged GPS is pretty low. And so, you can always detach and sell the GPS individually and earn good cash.

An auto repair shop would happily purchase your used GPS for a few hundred bucks, for they can easily recycle or repurpose it.


Most cars these days have fenders attached with the bumpers and so replacing them is an expansive task. Thus, a lot of people look for used fenders at auto repair shops.

If you have an old, junk car at home whose fenders could still work, now is your time to make money out of the useless by selling these fenders to an auto repair shop.


Having an old car parked at the back of your garage? The doors certainly are in good condition if you haven’t had any serious accidents. Well, you can make the most money out of these doors by selling each part of it individually to either an auto repair shop or a private party.

Mirror controls, window controls, lock buttons, and the sheet of your car doors – each of these parts could be sold separately to earn maximum profit.

If the parts of your car doors are adversely damaged, you can still make money by scraping them for metal and plastic.

Battery – The battery of your is an expansive component that could be scraped for money, either working or not. If the battery of your scrap car is still working, simply sell it to an auto repair shop or a private party that might be looking for replacements. While with a non-functioning battery, you can still make money by selling it to an auto parts picker or a scrapyard. These batteries have multiple items that could be recycled and repurposed, and so, they pay off some good cash.

Now that you know all the right ways to earn the most money by scrapping old cars, it’s time to find services that give good cash for junk cars. Look around in your vicinity or search for potential junkyards, scrap yards, or auto repair shops. They can surely offer you some exciting deals where they not only pay for your scrap auto parts but provide free towing facilities at the same time.

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