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Check out 2022 Toyota GR86

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Toyota GR86

Toyota after holding the production for the GR86 for the year 2021,they are launching a new 2022 generation GR86. Older versions were remarkable and the newer one is expected to be even more refined and improved in every aspect.

You can check it and clear all your queries about the 2022 GR86 by visiting Toyota dealer Meridian. However, if you are eager to know about the details of the 2022 model, then simply check out the specs given below.

Let’s start with its power and performance!

Toyota GR86
Toyota GR86

Toyota GR86 Powertrain details

Like every other GR86 generation, the new one also comes equipped with a horizontally opposed naturally aspirated 4-cylinder engine. Acceleration of this car is quite impressive;its ancestors took just 6.2 seconds to reach 0-60 mph but the 2022 version is quicker and will take less time to reach the same.

The more powerful engine is the reason for 2022’s trims to be quicker. The 2.4L engine creates 228 ponies and is paired with a manual 6-speed, while an optional automatic 6-speed is also available.

This engine feels much lively than its predecessors and also allows the car to have sharp handling that offers thrills to every driver whether on a track or road. Also, the suspension system is firm enough for providing people with a comfortable ride, which is why people can use this automobile as their daily ride.

The EPA hasn’t posted their estimated mileage but its ancestors offered 24 mpg in a city and 32 mpg on highways; combined it provided 27 mpg. With improvements made, it can be said that it will offer mileage similar to the last generation or even better. To understand the mileage details, you can rush to Meridian Toyota dealer today!

Toyota GR86 Interior and infotainment

The 2022 Toyota GR86 is similar in shape and size to its previous generation. It is one of the vehicles that offer a 4-seating layout among reasonably priced sport-car segment. Also, rear seats are quite comfortable for kids as well as normal size adults. Some changes have been made to the dashboard as well as a new infotainment system is equipped inside.

Standard infotainment screen is an 8-inch display. Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and satellite radio also fall under the standard features’ category. Though a base model will come with just a 6-speaker audio system, the top-tier trims are equipped with an 8-speaker stereo.

Toyota GR86 Pricing and trim

Only two trims are revealed for the 2022 GR86. The base model is expected to be priced around $29k, while the Premium trims will cost around $32k. These are estimated prices as Toyota hasn’t revealed any detail about the pricing of this vehicle yet.

These are some of the available details of the upcoming 2022 Toyota GR86. If you want to pre-book it or so, you can visit a Toyota dealership today. Talking to a dealer will lead you to know when you can get your hands on this remarkable vehicle. Also, you can know about the lucrative deals that can be enjoyed if booked immediately.

So, visit a showroom today!

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