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Top Companies

Top Companies of the world 

top companies in the world by revenue, faster growth, maturity, slow growth, and many more. The main part is that all the companies are eCommerce and accessible by all the tech devices. Many companies shifted, but some best companies continue to thrive because of their unique advantage as millions of consumers shelter in place. 

Top companies
Top companies

Here are the top Biggest companies in the world :

Walmart Inc.

Walmart is the top company, with a market cap of $542.0 billion, and was founded in 1962. The company operates discount stores, neighborhood markets, supercenters, and a robust online platform. The net income of the company is $17.9 billion, with a market cap of $392.8 billion. 

China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. 

It is a producer and distributor of a huge variety of petrochemical and petroleum products. The revenue was $355.8 billion with a net income of $486.6 million. It provides products like gasoline, diesel, kerosene, synthetic rubber, resins, jet fuel, and a lot many more. 

Amazon.com Inc. 

Amazon is also counted as one of the largest retail stores with a market capitalization of $321.8 billion. The company started as an online bookseller and now it has a wide range of products on the internet. The market capital of Amazon is $1.6 trillion. 

PetroChina Co., Ltd 

This company is engaged in oil exploration, development, production, and sales with a market capitalization of $59.2 billion. The company’s revenue is $320.0 billion and is registered with the New York Stock Exchange. 

Apple Inc. 

Apple is one of the most famous manufacturers of a wide range of technological products, including smartphones, personal computers, tablets, wearable devices, and a lot more. more. Apple has a market capital of $2 trillion and revenue of $273.9 billion. It is registered with the NASDAQ. 

CVS Health Corp. 

It is an integrated pharmacy and health care provider. It operates a chain of drugstores with locations across the US. it has a market capitalization of $8.3 billion and is registered with the New York Stock Exchange. 

Royal Dutch Shell PLC

It is a Netherland-based company, and Royal Dutch Shell explores, produces, and refines petroleum through its subsidiary company. It also operates the gas station around us. The market capital of the company is $110.1 billion and its revenue is $263.1 billion. 

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. 

It is a very large diversified holding corporation and also owns companies in a very wide range of industries and sectors. It includes insurance, energy generation, freight rail transportation, and a lot more. The company’s revenue is $260.5 billion, with a market capitalization of $520.9 billion. 

Toyota Motors Corp. 

Let us tell you that it is a Japanese automobile company that manufactures, sells, leases, and also repairs trucks, cars, and buses worldwide. The company’s revenue is about $248.6 billion, with a market capitalization of $182.7 billion. 

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