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How can I reactive my Disabled uber account?

If you are wondering why is my uber account disabled then this is the right article for you. If your uber account has been disabled then there could be various reasons behind it like – 

  • You might be getting low ratings 
  • You have a high cancellation rate on your rides 
  • There might be low acceptance rates 
  • You might have violated the uber’s code of conduct because of which you are banned 
  • There might be various complaints against you by the customer
  • You might be inactive for a long time on your account
  • The documents which you have submitted might have been expired this is why your uber account disabled. 
  • You might be failing in the periodic background check 
  • Your activity might be fraudulent or unacceptable by uber 
  • If you have given inappropriate or false personal and vehicle information 

If you have done any of these things then uber has every right to disable your account. So, first of all you need to avoid doing any of these things and if you have already been disabled then to go for Uber reactivate account you can file an appeal on uber. If you will do so then you might have a chance to get your account back and uber might consider your request. 

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