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How Vivitek Novotouch can transform a conference room into true collaborative space

The rising trend of collaborative space incorporates and co-working spaces

A good idea is never discovered in isolation, and an innovative idea and plans always have the best of the team’s mind collaborating to find every aspect of the thought. For every corporate, a significant think idea centre is the conference room, and with team member brainstorming the new ideas or discussing important strategies, the conference room must be equipped with new-age technology that makes it a collaborative room. In this interactive flat panel display can play a significant role in making the conference room a collaborative space where teams can share and discuss ideas freely with the support of technology.

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Meeting rooms using interactive flat panel displays are more collaborative workspaces that provide improved convenience and higher productivity. They can even support the corporation where space is a challenge. Interactive flat panel displays offer perfect solutions for meeting spaces of various sizes and encourage maximum participation of team working from the office or remotely. The technology that enables writing, editing and other collaborative features can make the ideas flow more freely with the team engaging and sharing thoughts.

For corporations, upgraded AV infrastructure can also facilitate maintaining a safe working environment. As we lead towards restoring the new normal conference rooms, we can support implementing necessary measures for employees to maintain guidelines such as keeping social distance. The wireless collaborations enable employees to share their thoughts with each individuals managing the presentation and significant discussion points from their own devices, thus avoiding multiple people touching the devices. Another key aspect is that they can participate from remote places and different location, thus helping to keep minimum people in conference rooms.

  • How to architect an efficient collaborative space 

While designing the conference room, the requirement of AV infrastructure must be taken into key consideration. A major challenge for this infrastructure is the compatibility issue where it has to focus on the performance and accuracy of multiple products in one room to make it a true collaborative space. Today’s era is more about using technology for ease rather than getting engaged in multiple tools that affect productive time. Thus the AV infrastructure which is being incorporated in the room must meet the essential requirement that is less time to connect and more time to engage.

The expectations and requirements for Display Panels are changing with times where Interactive Display Panels can understand the shifting paradigm. To make the conference room a true collaborative room, Interactive Display Panels can play a vital role by encouraging maximum participation. As we proceed towards restoring the new normal, a prime challenge is a technology that helps understand the new shift in the working atmosphere that maintains the guidelines and keeps safety as the priority.

  • Vivitek Novotouch can transform a conference room into a true collaborative space

Vivitek offers NovoTouch, a powerful team collaboration solution ideal for conference rooms, meeting areas, and corporate lobbies. Novotouch is equipped with NovoPro, which is a BYOD collaboration system. Vivitek’s NovoTouch is an advanced approach to group work in an all-in-one display that features digital annotation and wireless capabilities and seamlessly connects for users to one display that uses technology that allows ideas to flow naturally.

Novotouch interactive flat panel display offers 4K-UHD resolution with a 20-point touch-screen and enables wireless collaboration in the team that supports avoiding too much touching of a single device, thus ensuring safety and full participation of the team. 

The requirement of a true collaborative room are tools that enable moderator and participant to share and annotate the content in real-time. This is where the real value in collaboration lies, as decisions can be made quickly and challenges addressed promptly. Novo Touch takes care of all this. The power comes from integration with NovoConnect Solution, which allows for up to 64 participants to connect in a digital workspace and wirelessly display their content to the main screen with features like voting, polling and instant file sharing. Even guests in a corporate environment can connect without any preparation by just connecting the LauncherPlus USB device to connect to the workspace as well wirelessly. It offers users complete cable-free connectivity to a variety of devices. It allows to display up to 4 screens simultaneously. Tools such as Collaboration-moderation and screen preview, Cross-platform screen mirroring (which supports iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Chromebook, Airplay and google cast), wireless file-sharing turn NovoTouch into a truly collaborative solution to engage all participants in the meeting.

At Vivitek, we understand the changing requirements of the corporates for the true collaborative spaces, and Novotouch offers an easy and affordable collaboration solution that creates an interactive environment for a fluid exchange of ideas.

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