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How to Celebrate Independence Day: Ways
You Can Do It

Happy Independence Day

Independence Day is a day to celebrate all we have in our lives—from the freedom to make our own decisions to the opportunities provided to us. Whether you’re celebrating with family and friends or doing something special on your own, there are many ways to celebrate this special day. This article will show some of the best ways to celebrate Independence Day. So, read on and enjoy!

Things to remember before wishing Happy Independence Day

India’s Independence Day get annually observed with great zeal and enthusiasm throughout the nation. Flag-hoisting ceremonies, parades, and other cultural events get planned to commemorate the founding of a free India and the nation’s rich cultural diversity.

Due to the pandemic’s spoiler role, Independence Day festivities this year are somewhat subdued, low-key, and limited to relatively small reunions due to the numerous safety precautions and procedures that must follow.

The Red Fort in Delhi’s typically raucous and lavish Independence Day celebrations will be less prominent this year. Schoolchildren’s energetic performances and food vendors will get replaced by contactless frisking, mask-wearing, and social seclusion.

Our Real Heroes and how we got our independence

After a protracted struggle, India finally gained independence from British rule on August 15, 1947. Since then, 75 years have passed. And no independence day would be complete without honouring the many losses suffered by our independence movement to free India from the 200-year-old imperial shackle.

For about two centuries, beginning in 1757, India was governed by the British. However, the Indian independence movement started after the call for total independence (poorna swaraj). The British finally chose to quit India, especially with the help of leading figures like Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Jawaharlal Nehru, and many others, including our freedom fighters.

The person who drafted the Indian Independence Legislation for the British House of Commons on July 4, 1947, got it approved within two weeks. The Bill declared that the last day of British rule would be August 15, 1947.

Family-friendly activities this Independence Day

  • Connect virtually with your family.

There is no better way to spend the day than with family—virtually, of course! If you can, arrange a video conference meeting with extended family members who reside in different cities or other countries. But this won’t be a regular phone call to catch up with relatives. Instead, prepare and timetable a few Fourth of July-related events for the call.

For instance, you might hold a quiz on national leaders, freedom fighters, or significant occasions from the Indian War of Independence. You might even ask members of your family to dress up as national leaders or freedom fighters.

Additionally, give everyone the instructions to create tiny flags they can wear as pins. After the call, stand up and sing the national anthem. Make sure the younger kids participate in the activities or plan something special just for them. The kids will have a great time and learn much about their nation during this engaging and entertaining session.

Prepare food using three colours.

There are always exceptional people who treat from the kitchen required for national holidays. Why not luxuriate in some dishes with a patriotic theme this Independence Day? 

  • You’re suitable—words with a tricolour theme! Your children will be involved and entertained for most of the day if you do this.
  • Many tried-and-true recipes are available, including those for sandwiches, pasta dishes, salads, pulaos, and desserts! 
  • To fit the day’s theme, put out the fruits and vegetables and greens. Let your kid assist in selecting items from the tricolour menu. 
  • You can all discuss different concepts and pairings for some intriguing tricolour dishes. More importantly, your kids may enjoy this activity as a fun learning experience. 
  • You should explain each flag’s symbolism, meaning, and rationale for choosing the colours. 

Indian flags have many fascinating details that anyone can discover. You can learn together until and how this particular flag was created, as well as who created the flag.

Public festivities

If you reside in a sizable apartment building, your association can plan safe Fourth of July celebrations with the appropriate social distance and other safety precautions. 

  • A small group of kids can perform a straightforward dance or song to mark the occasion while keeping these in mind. 
  • You can ask the youngsters in the intricate to make tiny flags that people can wear as lapel pins. 
  • They can get dispersed in a secure, contactless, and systematic way. Similar to that, some desserts can get shared by everyone.
  • Keep safety in mind and steer clear of risky activities while having fun. 

Also, explain to the kids the purpose of these particular precautions and the low-key nature of this year’s festivities. Once they comprehend the reasons, those who seem more likely to adhere to the policies and procedures.

Try dressing up.

Here’s another entertaining exercise. Why not host a costume contest at home to get in the spirit of Independence Day? Do what is available, and don’t stress about getting the perfect costumes. 

  • In addition, you and your partner are welcome to dress up as well. Remember to include the grandparents in the entire production as well. 
  • When you are ready, each person can briefly describe the character they are wearing or share a fun anecdote about them. 
  • Explain to younger kids who they are dressing up for and why this specific individual is essential.
  • To spice things up, you can even perform a simple flag hoisting ceremony at home.

Explain the tradition to your children and assist them in comprehending its significance. Don’t forget to photograph these priceless moments with your family!

Parade your wares

Yes, absolutely! Why not organise a mini-parade at home with the kids? Include your neighbours, if possible, while maintaining safety precautions such as masks and sanitisers.

  • Each individual can represent a branch of the military, police, or other significant experts, public figures, or athletes from our country. 
  • March around the residence while waving the flag to a well-known marching song. Alternatively, march to the beat of a patriotic theme.
  • Children can perform a piece of patriotic music or an Indian classical or folk dance.

That is another teachable moment for your child to learn about the country’s military forces, the numerous ranks of troops, national anthems and anthems, and other exciting stuff and information regarding India’s rich heritage.


We suggest making some of the best Independence Day desserts and drinks for those planning an elaborate celebration. You can also try out new recipes that impress your guests. This year, don’t forget to do something special for yourself! The post above is just a tiny portion of what you can do on this special day. There are countless ways to celebrate. Make sure you allow people time to bond and enjoy being close friends or family members.

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