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Bolsonaro campaigns on independence day in Brazil

Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil, used the independence day of the country to campaign for re-election next month. He took part in a military procession and celebrated in the capital, Brasilia. After that, he traveled to Rio de Janeiro, where he flew to the tens of thousands of people on Copacabana beach. He faced a strong challenge in October from the leftist ex-president. 

He also said that his supporters in the capital, which were showing in the polls, were lying. According to the poll, the ex-president got 45% of the vote against Mr. Bolsonaro’s 32%. He also told the crowd, “We know that we are facing a battle of good versus evil. And the people are on our side – the side of good”. 

During the celebration of independence from Portugal for 200 years, the president and the presidential candidate called on his fans to come out in support of him. And a huge crowd came out to show their support for the ex-president of Brazil. 

The supporters started gathering at the Copacabana in the early morning. There was an official airshow and a paratroop display, which showed that the duties were done, and then Mr. Bolsonaro addressed the crowd again. 

Let us tell you that the first round of the election will be held on the 2nd of October, and if no candidate wins more than 50% of the vote, then the second round will be held by the end of October. 


  1. Who is the ex-president of Brazil?

Ans. Jair Bolsonaro 

  1. For how many years did Brazil celebrate Independence Day from Portugal?

Ans. 200 years. 

  1. Where do all the people go to support the ex-president?

Ans. Copacabana

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