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December will be the time of TMC’s fall: By an Adhikari

The Trinamool Congress government (TMC) has very few ruling days and it will fall completely by December, are the words of Bengal opposition leader Suvendu Adhikar.

The statement comes in the backdrop of an ongoing investigation into school-level recruitment scams and it has been seen that Partha Chatterjee. He is a senior minister and number two in the Mamta Banerjee Cabinet. For all practical purposes, Suvendu said that this government will lose its existence. In 2024, both state and general elections will take place simultaneously, and they won’t get the support of the people.

At least 38 TMC MLAs are in touch with Mithun Chakraborty through Adhikari Mumbai, a BJP campaigner said last month. The Suvendu Adhikari said that the fall of Uddhav Thakre had been past and now it is the turn of the Jharkhand and the Bengal.

These kinds of negative statements affect the reputations of the political parties. But the truth is, according to the facts and figures available to the Kolkata people, they too believe that Mamata Banerjee will not be able to rule because of nonsupport in Bengal.


Who is given all the above negative statements?

Ans. Suvendu Adhikari

What is the full form of TMC?

Ans. Trinamool Congress government.

Who is the major leader of TMC?

Ans. Mamta Banerjee.

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