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At the meeting, Putin and Xi discuss the Ukraine war

At the meeting later this week, Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin will discuss international regional topics and the Ukraine war. They will both meet in Uzbekistan at a summit, and it will show an alternative to the western world. The Kremlin provides all these details. 

Mr. Xi is planning to make his first overseas trip since the beginning of the pandemic. Generally, he is trying to make a historic term while Mr. Putin’s relations with the West are at rock bottom in Ukraine

Mr. Xi is going to begin a three-day trip to Kazakhstan on Wednesday. And he will meet Mr. Putin on Thursday. They will both meet at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit in Samarkhand, and it will be from the 15-16 of September. Mr. Putin will also meet with other leaders, including Pakistan, India, and Iraq. But the major concern of this meeting will be the Chinese leader and these things, said the Kremlin foreign policy spokesman, Yuri Ushakov. 

Russia and China have sought to position the SCO, founded in 2001, with the ex-Soviet Central Asian nations. It is an alternative to Western multilateral groups. Mr. Xi’s visit after the numerous sets of lockdowns in China plays a vital role. The whole world is learning to live with the virus, but Beijing continues to shut down entire cities. 


  1. When was SCO founded?

Ans. 2001

  1. Name a foreign policy spokesman.

Ans. Yuri Ushakov 

  1. When will the Xi, Putin, India, and Pakistan meet-up take place?

Ans. 15-16 September

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