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Top Psychiatrists in India

Top Psychiatrists in India

Are you feeling down and out? Do you find it hard to focus on anything other than your struggles? If so, you are not alone. A recent study has shown that mood disorders such as depression and anxiety are rising in India, and psychiatrists are at the centre of the problem. This blog will discuss top psychiatrists in India and how they can help. We will also provide you with the contact details of some of the leading psychiatrists in India.

Top Psychiatrists in India
Top Psychiatrists in India

List of India’s Best Psychiatrists

Dr Gorav Gupta (Best Psychiatrist in Delhi near Tulasi Psychiatric and Rehab Center)

Delhi’s Tulasi Psychiatric and Rehab Center
22 years of experience
Education: MD/MBBS
Participation: NITI AYOG (Social Welfare created by the Delhi government)

Senior psychiatrist Dr Gorav Gupta is connected to the Tulasi Psychiatric & Rehab Center in Delhi. Dr Gorav is the centre’s director, and the Government Mental Health Agency of Delhi has granted the facility a licence.
Dr Gupta offers treatment programmes for personality disorders, bipolar disorder, disordered eating, depressed mood, and addictive personality. Numerous patients from India and other nations, including Nepal, the UK, Canada, Afghanistan, and Bhutan, have received his care.

Dr Samir Parikh (Psychiatrist in Delhi Near Hospital is Fortis Hospital in Shalimar Bagh)

Hospital is Fortis Hospital in Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi.
Director of the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Mental Health
Years of Experience: 18
Education: MD, DPM, and MBBS

The Mental Health & Behavioral Sciences Division Director at Fortis Hospital in New Delhi is Dr Samir Parikh. He is one of India’s top psychiatrists. The Indian psychiatrist treats patients by combining his in-depth knowledge and comprehension of mental health with his expressive, communicative style.
He has authored books that provide clients with coping mechanisms for the ever-changing environment. While the first two of these books focus on helping school-age children develop their skills, the third book, “Let Him Not Sink: First Steps to Psychological Health,” serves as psychological first assistance for an audience who works with kids.

Dr. Sameer Malhotra(Psychiatrist in Delhi near Max Super Speciality Hospital)

Delhi’s Max Super Speciality Hospital is a hospital.
Director of the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Mental Health
Years of experience: 23+
Education: MD/MBBS

Dr Sameer Malhotra runs the Max Super Speciality Hospital in New Delhi’s Mental Health Department. He offers services in adolescent medicine, cognitive behavioural therapy, OCD treatment, drug rehabilitation, and marriage counselling, substance abuse, and stress management. To provide treatment options for all age groups and social groups, Dr Malhotra provides complete services about all facets of human mental health.

Dr. Ajit Dandekar (Pyschiatrist in Mumbai near Nanavati Super Speciality)

Mumbai’s Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital is a hospital.
The title is “Honorary Psychiatrist.”
Years of Experience: 31
Education: MD, DPM, and MBBS

Honorary psychiatrist Dr Ajit Dandekar is connected to Mumbai’s Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital. Dr Dandekar, one of the top ten psychiatrists in India, offers a full range of psychological services, which include counselling for anxiety, psychotherapy, psychological and social rehabilitative services, and stress management counselling, and managing stress. The Indian Psychiatric Society and the Andheri Medical Association recognise Dr Ajit as a member.

Dr. Murali Raj (Pyschiatrist in Bangalore near Manipal Hospital)

Bangalore’s Manipal Hospital is a hospital.
Occupational title: consultant in psychiatry
Years of experience: 35
Education: DNB, DPM, MBBS

One of India’s leading mental health experts, Dr Murali Raj, is a consulting psychiatrist at Manipal Hospital in Bangalore. Treatment of character and eating disorders is Dr Raj’s area of expertise. Additionally, he offers to counsel for addiction and stress management. He actively supports causes related to mental health and raises an understanding of the importance of mental health in India.

Vishal Chhabra (Physician in Delhi Near Fortis Hospital)

Delhi’s Fortis Hospital is a hospital.
Psychiatric Department designation: Senior Consultant
Years of experience: 17
Degrees: MBBS, DNB, and DPM

Dr Vishal Chhabra is a senior specialist for the psychiatric division at Fortis Hospital and Fortis Flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital in New Delhi is Dr. Vishal Chhabra. Among the best psychiatrists in India, he offers the following services: treatment for teenage problems, treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder, treatment for nicotine/tobacco addiction, alcohol addiction therapy, schizophrenia, anger management, bipolar disorder and psychological problems. Dr Vishal benefits from his patients’ positive reviews because of his compassionate demeanour towards them.

Vasantha Jayaraman (Psychiatrist in Chennai Near Gleneagles Global Hospital)

Chennai’s Gleneagles Global Hospital is a hospital.
Senior Consultant of the Department of Psychiatry

Years of Experience: 26
Education: DNB, DPM, MBBS

Dr Vasantha Jayaraman is the senior consultant for the Mental Health Division at Chennai’s Gleneagles Global Hospitals. She offers sick people who have undertaken cancerous medical conditions rehabilitation therapy. She also has extensive knowledge of managing a persistent mental illness. She is one of Chennai’s few psychiatrists who offers adult and paediatric treatment. She belongs to both the Indian Medical Academy and the Indian Psychiatric Society.

Mrinmay Kumar Das (Pyschiatrist in Delhi near Jaypee Hospital)

Hospital: Delhi NCR’s Jaypee Hospital
Senior Consultant at the Department of Behavioral Sciences
Years of experience: 24
Education: MD, CCST, and MBBS (UK)

The senior consultant for the Behaviour Science Division at Jaypee Hospital in Delhi NCR is Dr Mrinmay Kumar Das. Treatment of mood disorders, relationship counselling, psychological issues, psychosexual disorders, personality disorders, CBT, and friendship counselling are among Dr Kumar’s areas of interest.
He is actively involved in the search for novel management and therapeutic strategiesfor behavioural mental disorders.

Dr Vipul Rastogi (Psychiatrist in Delhi Near Medanta)

Hospital: Delhi NCR’s Medanta The Medicity
Consultant at the Institute of Neurosciences
Years of experience: 12
Education: MSc and MBBS

Dr Vipul Rastogi is an Assistant Specialist in the Mental health Neurology and Psychiatry Department at Medanta-The Medicity in Delhi, NCR. Neuropsychiatry and treating mental illnesses resulting from Parkinson’s, dementia, neurological disorders, brain injuries, and dementia are among his research specialities. He belongs to the Indian Medical Council and the General Medical Council. His methods include treatment and holistic diagnosis philosophies to provide patients with psychological and mental disorders treatments.

Dr Manish Jain (Psychiatrist in Delhi Near BLK Super Speciality Hospital)

Delhi’s BLK Super Speciality Hospital is a hospital.
A psychiatrist is a designation.
Years of Experience: 13
Education: MD/MBBS

One of India’s top psychiatrists, Dr Manish Jain, is currently employed by the BLK Super Speciality Hospital in New Delhi. He serves as the hospital’s management consultancy psychiatrist. You can read about how he used his knowledge to raise awareness of various psychological disorders, such as panic attacks, OCD, drug addiction, etc., in several publications. He also gets asked to present his treatment methods at several conferences. Panic attacks, depression, marital issues, and ordinary adult psychiatrists are among Dr Jain’s areas of expertise.


These are just a few signs that could mean you or someone you love suffers from a mood disorder. At this point, it is crucial to seek medical help as early as possible. The only way forward is to consult a qualified psychiatrist who can offer the proper treatment and support. Above, we have listed some of the top Psychiatrists in India. From handling relationship issues to treating mental health disorders, these experts have handled thousands of cases successfully!

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