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Even if Ukraine abandons NATO hopes, Russia won’t end the conflict

Russia-Ukraine War: After the invasion started, Russia and Ukraine held many rounds of negotiations, but they made no headway, and there are minimal chances for a resumption.

Despite Kiev publicly renunciating its aspirations to join NATO, a prominent ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin stated on Friday that Moscow would not end its military operation in Ukraine.

Dmitry Medvedev also said in a French television interview that Russia was willing to hold discussions with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy under certain circumstances.

Before the February invasion, Moscow made it clear that Ukrainian participation in NATO was unacceptable.

In spite of the fact that giving up its North Atlantic alliance membership is now essential, Medvedev has said that this is already insufficient to bring about peace.

As a result, he declared that Russia would carry out the campaign until its objectives were achieved. According to Putin, this is done in order to “denazify” Ukraine. Kiev and the West claim this is just a fictitious excuse for a war of conquest.


1- What did the Medvedev said?

Ans- Those discussions will depend on how things turn out. Before meeting (Zelenskiy), we were prepared, said Medvedev.

2- Does Medvedev said Russia was prepared to hold the talk with the Ukraine president?

Ans – Yes he said so.

3- Does the war between Ukraine and Russia will stop?

Ans – Till now there is no such decision.

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