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Whatsapp Outage, 25-10-2022: WhatsApp users facing a big problem

After experiencing a whatsapp outage for a few hours, WhatsApp has now resumed operation for some users. Despite some features not working as intended, many users can now send and receive messages.

Earlier, it was reported that the widely used instant messaging service WhatsApp, owned by Meta, was unavailable in many countries, including India. There have been numerous reports of users being unable to send, receive, or even log into their WhatsApp accounts.

Source of Whatsapp Outage Data: Downdetector

Users have reported issues with the WhatsApp outage starting at 3:17 AM EDT (12:47 PM), according to Downdetector, a website that tracks outages and problems in real time. It continues by stating that at around 12:30 pm, 28,413 users in India reported the issue on their website. 69% of those who reported the problem said they were having trouble sending messages, 7% said they were having trouble with the app, and 24% said they were having trouble connecting to the server. You should read this post to learn about the significance of applications like Whatsapp in our daily lives.

Global Whatsapp outage

Users in Asia, the UK, South Africa, and Europe reportedly experienced problems sending and receiving texts and videos on WhatsApp.

Over 68,000 users in the UK reported issues with the app to the outage reporting service Downdetector as of 7:50 GMT. In South Africa, 15,000 people and 19,000 people, respectively, reported issues.

French WhatsApp users also experienced the problem. According to Reuters, “WhatsApp stopped functioning for many users across France on Tuesday, with approximately 9,540 problems registered about the Meta Platforms owned service in the last 24 hours.”

The outage affects WhatsApp features

The following features of WhatsApp were impacted by the WhatsApp outage, according to WAbetainfo, a portal that tracks news and updates about the app.

Messages couldn’t be sent to a group or one-on-one chat because they weren’t being sent to the server anymore. While sending a message to a broadcast list was useless, it was even impossible to send a new status update to contacts.

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