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10 digital marketing companies in Singapore

Top Digital Marketing Companies in Singapore

Digital marketing companies in Singapore

Singapore is a leader in cutting-edge technology and has made itself a force to be reckoned with online. As a result, numerous digital marketing companies in Singapore are serving the top leading companies in the nation. These companies offer a range of services, such as branding, mobile app development, UX design, and web and social media marketing.

No brand today can downplay the importance of creating an online presence. It is now a requirement rather than a choice. Particularly, the marketing environment has completely changed. In order to stay relevant, brands are revising their marketing plans and utilizing digital marketing companies in Singapore. You have arrived at the ideal location if your brand is actively looking for digital marketing companies in Singapore to up your marketing ante. If you are from Dubai then you must check it out.

Top Digital Marketing Companies in Singapore

The top digital marketing companies in Singapore are listed below. These companies, which employ a team of knowledgeable and skilled marketers, can significantly increase your online presence and your marketing and advertising campaigns. Find the most qualified company for your needs!

1. Mindshare

Top Digital Marketing Companies in Singapore
Top Digital Marketing Companies in Singapore

Mindshare is at the top of the list of top digital marketing companies in Singapore. A global media agency, Mindshare is present in 86 different nations. Its clientele includes well-known international brands like Nike, Facebook, Ford, Rolex, Unilever, IBM, Volvo, Nestle, Lufthansa, and many more. Visit Mindshare’s website to view their most recent work. The team’s work on the Dove Men+ Care mission, Cheerios: Hacking Prime Day, and Colonel KI at KFC are outstanding.

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Services provided include account management and leadership, content creation and partnerships, data analytics, performance marketing, strategy and planning, and technology development. Mindshare’s Neurolab also uses medical-grade technology to measure customer responses and provide in-depth insights.

2. MediaKeys

Top Digital Marketing Companies in Singapore
Top Digital Marketing Companies in Singapore

Mindkeys is on the second rank in the list of top digital marketing companies in Singapore. For its clients, MediaKeys focuses on developing cross-border marketing campaigns. It was founded in 1993 and has since developed into an expert in international advertising, actively serving clients from 16 different nations. Among its notable campaigns are offline promotions for Jay-Z’s new album and digital promotions for Dior fragrances.

Offering multimedia campaign services across a range of industries, including digital, print, outdoor, airport, and broadcast is MediaKeys. As a result, it ensures that your brand is present everywhere.

3. Digital Squad

The digital marketing company has won numerous awards. Startups and Fortune 500 companies have benefited from the B2C and B2B marketing strategies offered by Digital Squad. Brand strategies for BP, Fonterra, and Singapore Airlines are a few of its success stories. It serves a variety of sectors including e-commerce, transportation, hospitality, and education.

Services provided include lead generation and B2B marketing, Facebook and content marketing, LinkedIn advertising, conversion rate optimization, and remarketing.

4. NEO 360

NEO 360 approaches digital marketing from all angles. It implies that it considers digital marketing as a whole rather than focusing only on a specific channel, like Facebook or Instagram. Additionally, it is prepared to adjust to any new developments or disruptions that the digital world may experience at any time. It focuses mainly on marketing for services in the fields of health and education. Because of its concentrated focus on these two industries, NEO 360 is well-liked there.

Display advertising, social media ads, search engine marketing services, and automation are among the services provided.

5. Searchmedia

A group of SEO specialists called Searchmedia can increase the online visibility of your company and assist you in creating a distinctive identity in a crowded market. It offers companies a thorough SEO audit report without charge so they can evaluate their search rankings and outperform their rivals.

Services provided include web design, content marketing, SMM marketing, and specialized SEO and SEM services.

6. Isentia

Since the majority of conversations now occur online, it is essential to keep an eye on what your target market is saying. It is critical to assess the effectiveness of the marketing strategies being used. Isentia, a top provider of intelligence solutions and media monitoring, is at the top of the list for providing such services. The company’s top-notch communication teams monitor online conversations in real time and extract valuable insights. Isentia has collaborated with companies like Singtel, Walt Disney, and Samsung.

Offerings include daily briefings, reports, media impact, and reputation analysis, as well as print, broadcast, online, and social media monitoring.

7. Foxfire

For small, neighborhood businesses looking to increase their clientele and online presence, it is a great option. It includes some of Singapore’s top digital marketing firms. With just USD 500 of the SEO budget, Foxfire is credited with doubling a small company’s revenue in a single year by 500%. Foxfire has been designing websites since 2003 and has offices in Singapore and Malaysia.

Offerings include website design, managed WordPress hosting, and off-site SEO services.

8. Eleven August Media

It is a fairly new company that was founded in 2019. It supports ethical marketing and gives its clients accurate estimates. The main benefit of Eleven August Media is its economical marketing approach. For customers who are interested, its website offers a variety of e-books and courses on digital marketing.

Services provided include graphic design, SEO, search engine marketing, management of social media accounts, and the design of landing pages.

9. Zenith

6000 specialists are part of the Zenith network, which operates in 95 markets. The teams are professionals in media planning, data analytics, value optimization, and communications planning. The platform also transforms your company through superior analytics, research, and insights. According to Zenith, it is the ROI agency. Numerous international brands, including Nestle, L’Oreal, Durex, NatWest, and The ONE, have collaborated with it.

Consulting, brand monitoring, reputation management, market research, data analytics, and digital marketing are among the services provided.

10. Amber Creative

One of Singapore’s top digital marketing firms is this one. Full-service digital solutions are what Amber Creative offers to its customers. Moreover, web and app development are among its primary specializations. It serves a diverse group of customers in both the public and private sectors. Among them are the National University of Singapore, the Singaporean government’s Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, Singtel, PWC, and SLNG.

The following services are provided: UIUX design and research, social media marketing, and web, and app design.


Over the last ten years, Singapore’s digital marketing market has expanded rapidly. There are numerous choices available. Based on user reviews, Google ranking, support staff, and website design, we’ve selected the top 10 digital marketing firms in Singapore. Since it is less expensive to outsource marketing tasks than to have an internal marketing department, brands are advised to take advantage of these digital marketing agencies’ expertise.

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