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Why Adopting EPOS Software Can Enable You To Track E-Commerce Sales And Inventory More Efficiently

Purchasing an electronic point of sale system (EPOS) can help you manage all aspects of your business more efficiently. One of the most important considerations when choosing an EPOS is whether to go with a lease or with No Cost EMI. Features in an EPOS include Shop management, Sales Analysis, Customer Management, and Reporting.

Built with small to mid-sized merchants in mind, the Pinelabs POS system is flexible enough to support a large variety of retail environments, while providing the most intuitive and reliable experience possible for both customers and vendors.  From its effortless design, which automatically adapts as your business grows, to the built-in real-time analytics that empower you to make smart business decisions – Pinelabs provides both an agile foundation and a clear path forward.


An EPOS system or Electronic Point of Sale system is a software solution that most retailers use to handle cash transactions using pos transactions, and to track inventory, sales, marketing efforts, customer loyalty and retention, and promotions. It includes a mix of EPOS hardware and software to help streamline the ordering, sales, and tracking of physical transaction processes.

A successful EPOS system is a vital part of running any business. You need the right shop or retail EPOS software for your unique style of business but not all software systems are the same. We advise that you take account of the following before choosing an EPOS system: How many staff members work in your business? What scale does your business operate on? How many products in total do you have to manage? What order size is your average customer spending? How do you want to track stock levels? Do you intend to use weighing scales, scanners and RFID technology? Might you employ multiple terminals at some point.


EPOS has many features that can help you save time, money and space. PineLabs Includes automatic inventory tracking, mobility so your team can access their epos transaction from anywhere with a tablet or smartphone, and more benefits.

EPOS is a new point-of-sale system that enables you to track your business and sell faster. EPOS is designed for fast-paced restaurants, cafes, bars and takeaways, with features such as:- – Track orders by the hour with EPOS to stay on top of stock and prepare for when your business gets busy. – Customer loyalty management and reward programs keep your customers coming back for more!’


At a physical business, the EPOS system’s touchscreen is used to issue a variety of commands; at an e-commerce business, it would be used exclusively to generate sales receipts. Within each command in the system are data points that can be collected and added to centralized databases for statistical purposes.

Install EPOS and instantly connect your current store or on-line sales system to the rest of your business. Simply enter the data once and make it available to all other applications useful to you and your staff.

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