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How to Choose the Best Yoga Mat?

You have your first day of yoga classes from tomorrow? Well, then it is time to choose a mat which will be your perfect companion throughout your training period! But then the question arises, how to choose a best yoga mat? Are there any criteria that must be followed in order to get a good yoga mat? The answer to your question is yes! And if you are confused as to what should you do in order to find a good mat for yourself then this guide won’t ever let you down. Here are 7 steps you need to remind yourself while picking a good yoga mat:

1. Take body type into consideration:

You might want to take a look at yoga mats based on your body type. For example, if your body is the type to get sore real fast, you need to buy yoga mats that are quite thick which is about 12 mm. While if you are having a type of body which can easily withstand any pose then you can go for a thin yoga mat of about 4 mm. Also keeping in mind regarding the length of the yoga mat, as it is also important that you choose the right yoga mat based on your height. Considering padded yoga mats will help those who have bodily injuries.

2. What is your type of yoga:

The type of yoga that you are interested in also plays quite a big role. For those yoga poses where you need to stand will require a yoga mat that has quite some stickiness for a good grip while those yoga stances which are based on sitting yoga, would not need much grip and hence you can easily get a yoga mat which does not have much sticky character.

3. Check where you are doing your yoga poses:

You need to check where you are performing your yoga poses are this can also affect your yoga mat type. Choosing a yoga mat that is thick and well padded will be needed if you wish to perform out in your yard or in a mountainous area, while if you are to perform yoga inside a studio or room then you can go with a relatively thin one.

4. Make sure you do not use that PVC mats:

PVC yoga mats being an affordable option tends to be the first option that people get in their minds! But you need to keep in mind all the consequences that occur due to long term usage of non-biodegradable yoga mats. Instead of such an option you can check out some cheap and budget-friendly options from your very own custom yoga mat manufacturer in Delhi, MatsHut. Here apart from various sizes you also get to choose a yoga mat, one perfect for all your yoga sessions.

5. Cotton mats are not so recommended:

Cotton is quite a common material and people have started using it in a lot of yoga mats. However, cotton being a material that readily soaks up a lot of sweat can be hard to use for yoga. The other reason why people use it is because it is natural and eco-friendly. Apart from the sweat being soaked in the yoga mat, it also does not provide that posture grip which is required in order to keep your pose in place. One thing you will have to consider while buying cotton yoga mats is that you will have to wash it frequently which is not a possible option for daily yoga practices.

6. Choosing a mat that can be easily stored:

You know there is no more place left in your drawer to fit in a yoga mat especially a bulky yoga mat! Hence you need to look for a yoga mat that can be easily rolled up and can be kept in small places and is also travel friendly. Choosing light weight yoga mats are the best option for any travel needs or even for a yoga performance out in your yard.

7. Check your budget:

Keeping your budget in check is also important as going for a highly valued yoga mats can definitely give you a good quality yoga mat but that won’t be a good option for everyone else! Hence you need to look at your budget before choosing a good yoga mat. Make sure just because it is cheap you do not compromise on other factors. Get your all-round yoga mats supplier in Delhi! MatsHut, an initiative to help people receive only genuine goods will help you get a yoga mat at some of the best prices.

Final Words:

How to choose a best yoga mat? Well, the answer is considering all the factors before you actually go out to buy. List it out and try all the options possible to get the best one for you!

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