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Tips to prepare for CBSE exams

Exams are the most stressful part of a students’ lives. Be it entrance level, university level or school level. Regardless of how many exams we give, upcoming exam is always gives us stress. Talking about school exams, CBSE exams are considered to be the most crucial exams of school life. They are also considered to be the toughest exams that students gives in their school life. Somewhere, these exams do have a mental impact on student’s life. Therefore for students who are giving their boards this year, this article is surely to help you out to score much better with no pressure. 

It is important to study smart. There are many students that study really hard, memorize all answers and study for long hours but still aren’t able to do well. This is because it is important for students to study smartly and properly. So let’s discuss some main tips and tricks that can help students to study the proper way and score well. 

Proper Schedule 

Staying up till late and having lazy mornings is surely not going to help in anyway. It is your preference as when you would like to study. Some are comfortable with early mornings whereas some think night is the best time to study. Students can choose whatever they’re comfortable with. But it is important to have a schedule and follow it strictly, so as to get good results. Adding to that it is also important to relax yourself in intervals, so that you can concentrate much better after the short break. 

Never have too much on your plate. 

It is essential to exercise your brain in a constructive way. Which means that you set targets that are real and achievable. To score well, it is important to study with a clear mind and not over think about exams and syllabus. It is important to focus on your scheduled topics rather than just finishing or skimming through all topics. Taking it as per schedule and slow will surely help you remember the syllabus much better as compared to skimming through 10 lessons a day. 

Mix and Match

As it is important for our lunch and dinner meals to have a combination of vegetables, meat and dairy products. In the same way our schedule needs to be a mix and match. It is important to plan days in such a way that you enjoy studying and also are able to concentrate completely on it. Having all difficult topics on one day will exhaust you and you will surely not be able to concentrate. Therefore, having a tough topic along with a light, easy going topic will keep you engrossed in your studies start with the harder or lighter subject as per your choice. Slowly increase the difficulty level and if required take short breaks to freshen up yourselves and get back to studying. 

Sample papers 

Best school in Andhra Pradesh like Sri Prakash educational institutions rely 10% on sample papers towards the end of the syllabus. Solving CBSE sample papers are one of the most important and crucial part of your preparations for exams. It is important to solve the CBSE sample papers as it gives you the idea of how your actual examination paper can be. It is advised to solve paper as per actual examination timings. This is because it lets you analyse at what speed you finish the paper. If you need to fasten your speed or slow it down and can get enough time to recheck then answers. 

Solving one paper per day and of different subject each day will help you understand the basics and also gives you an idea of as to how and what could be the actual format of the exam. 

Hence these are a few tips and tricks that can help you perform well in your CBSE board exams. All students are not the same, therefore it is important to understand what can help you and how can you make the most out of these tips. A power nap of 10 minutes might work for some whereas reading a book for 15 minutes might freshen up some. So this is purely on what works best for you. But, this is the outline of as to how the plan should be. Doing 2-3 subjects per day really depends on the students capabilities. Some might want to have a tough day and can choose two difficult subjects and 2 lighter subjects the next day, whereas some students might have a completely different plan. Therefore, just follow the outline and do it according to your capability. 

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