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Top 12 Tips to Build a Successful Brand Identity

Brand identity is collection of visible elements of a brand, such as a logo, design, and color. It helps to show and differentiate the brand’s outlook in the customer’s eyes. Brand identity is different from brand image and branding. The brand image refers to customers’ viewpoint towards a particular brand. Branding is the marketing strategy to create unique designs for business. In short, a successful Branding Consultant is the result of the marketer’s effort for s successful business. 

Importance of Brand Identity

The successful Brand identity design is the leading Marketing Consultant.  It helps to play an essential role in portraying the outlook of a particular brand to differentiate it from the crowd. However, creating a brand requires a solid identity; to convey the appropriate message to the target customers.  

  • According to the top branding agency UK, brand identity represents the brand’s personality. It sets up the brand’s tone that evokes feelings in the customers to connect and engage with the brand. 
  • Brand identity creates consistency by creating consistent designs and styles to convey messages across all marketing and social media platforms. Consistency drives many loyal customers for business.
  • The first goal of brand identity is to differentiate a particular brand from the business. A successful brand identity can increase the customers and revenue of the company.
  • Creating brand identity design provides brand awareness on marketing platforms to connect with consumers for a better user experience.
  • Robust and successful brand identity helps to establish positive feedbacks and a level of trust between brand and consumers. That encourages visitors to become trustworthy customers and engage with the brand.

Tips To Build A Successful Brand Identity Design

A solid and successful brand identity is all about the best visuals and strategies. However, it’s a time-taken and daunting process that requires patience and attention to build. It’s more than choosing a color, designing a logo, or picking up a name. It needs to be strategically designed to be consistent at every marketing platform for business development and revenue. This article will help you establish a successful brand identity design for your business.

1- Research your audience

The first and foremost thing you need to focus on is the target audience before designing a logo. It’s essential to connect with the respective audience authentically before any decision-making step. Think about the following things: 

  • Who is your target audience, and at what age criteria they fall?
  • Where and how can you connect with potential customers?
  • What are their needs and requirements regarding your business?
  • How your product or service can accomplish their needs?
  • Why do they need to connect with your business?
  • What will attract them to your business?

It’s a vital obligation to perform research to acknowledge the facts and thoughts about the firm. To better understand your potential target audience and leverage them through the right strategies towards your business and brand.

2- Create brand story

The art of storytelling is a method to provide knowledge and connectivity- not just with each other but with the interaction online or offline. Storytelling is the brand development strategy to achieve traffic for your brand. Similarly, it helps draw audience consideration through visual content.

By creating the brand, the story helps to provide an outline of the goals of your business. But to achieve a compelling brand story; it needs to have the following things:

  • It needs to simplify a complicated issue as it acts as a guideline of your business that helps customers identify problems and solve them.
  • It needs to trigger the emotions of potential customer. As people engage with a brand based on the feeling and relationships.
  • A good brand story also triggers memories that help the audience to connect with you and your brand.
  • The story should highlight the needs and requirements your brand fulfills about the customers.

The brand identity design is the brand recognition –your name and the logo. The brand story helps to communicate the purpose and the method to the customers. And according to the survey, a valuable brand story can become publicized and has made popular brands famous. 

3- Authentic and identifiable brand name

The brand name is brand recognition; ensure that a brand name needs to effortlessly spell and impress the customer. The brand name needs to be attention-grabbing that people should remember. Generally, the brand name must be meaningful to communicate your brand’s essence, image, and positive emotion and feeling between your brand and the customer. Moreover, it needs to be authentic and innovative to stand out in the crowd.

Tips for effective brand name:

  • Identify the brand ideas
  • Brainstorm the facts and consider the fellow competitors
  • Play around with the words
  • Less is more
  •  add some personality

Moreover, take the help from a translator to ensure that the text doesn’t mislead in foreign languages.

4- Design your logo

After choosing a creative brand name, the next step is creating a logo that attracts customers. You need to decide the graphic representation you will utilize for logo designing to create a logo.

A search on the internet about guides related to excellent logo designing can be helpful to be up-to-date and trending. Here are essential steps you need to consider while designing a logo:

  • Use perfect typography
  • Pay attention to a color palette
  • Find the inspiration and motive for the design
  • Look out for the competitors in the market

5- Determining the business goal

 it’s crucial to decide your business goal and objective to persuade a successful business by creating a successful brand identity design. 

The five significant brand goals you need to focus on are:

  • Build awareness.
  • Create an emotional connection.
  • Differentiate your offering.
  • Create credibility and trust.
  • Motivate purchasing.

6- Show consistency

Consistency is the brand development strategy to create a successful brand identity. It ensures easy recognition throughout the marketing platform. Consistency provides a better user experience to the existing and potential consumers. 

7- Give value

It’s essential to give value to the potential customers to stay in the market.  When creating brand identity, you need to bring value while manufacturing products.

Keep few things in mind while bringing value to your customers:

  • What differentiate you from the competition?
  • What value do you provide that competitor didn’t?
  • How much are you gaining profit?

8- Online platforms

In the globalized world, around 3.8 billion people use smartphones actively. In which they spend 3-4 hours on social media platforms. Social media platforms are a great way to connect with the world and convey your message. You can expand your brand through social media marketing. The top social media platforms are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and youtube. Many companies use social media platforms to grow their business.

Social media marketing is a way to promote your business or product through social media platforms. However, Digital Marketing and e-marketing are still well-known in industry. Social media marketing is growing more rapidly due to 3.8 billion active users. Many social media platforms provide features that tracks business’s engagement, success, and progress.

YouTube is also a very popular platform to promote your business. marketers have reported rather than reading online reviews and other testimonials, people love to watch other people’s live opinions through video. Many marketers have been started video marketing through the YouTube platform, this platform is very useful to showcase what actual you’re offering to your customers. 

All you need is just shoot the video, and edit that video by putting background music, your business logo and your video are ready to upload on your channel. Don’t forget to add your intro video before your main content will start, if you don’t know how to create it, then download the best YouTube Intro Maker app from the play store or apple store and start editing those videos as per your requirements.

Social network sites permit individuals and companies to form communities. Moreover, it allows building relationships online, where the audience can interact with them directly. The internet’s ability to reach billions of audiences worldwide has given the online world a powerful impact. Social networking sites allow sharing, reposting, and pinning comments that reach more people. With this features site gains more traffic for the company, and establish a successful brand identity.

9- Be a trendsetter

With the advancement in technology, you will always see new trends and techniques in the market. It’s essential to have tabs on the trends as it’s a vital aspect of brand awareness. Despite following trends, you can introduce your trendsetter to create a successful brand identity.

Following trends is good but setting trends is a whole new game. It increases the business revenue and conversions. But while setting the trend, you need to focus on few things. 

You need to be creative, so think of new ideas that can help you grow your business.

It would be best if you studied current trends to know the market and competition. Then you can only bring the change.

To set the trend, it’s essential to think like a customer. This technique will help you to understand the requirements of the customer and to create a good trend.

10- Look for the bigger picture

While creating a successful brand identity, don’t only focus on the logo or the product’s essence. It will help if you are determined towards the whole landscape of the brand identity to make a different brand personality. That’s why always lookout for a broader picture while creating brand identity.

11- Begin from the inside out

The vital element about brand building campaigns is making consumers consider things according to your opinions and thoughts. For this, it is essential to work thoroughly to reflect the same actions in your marketing campaigns. As it is the factor to set up a successful brand identity.

12- Consider what people think about you

 It’s essential to know what people think about you and your brand before building a successful brand identity design.

You can access different mediums for research in the technology era or Google. It will guide you about what people are saying about your brand’s product or service in social communities and forums.

After research, analyze the facts based on the feedback and create an ideal and successful brand identity.


These twelve tips will provide you guidance for the business’s success in creating a successful brand identity. Firstly, know your brand and then work on the brand identity for an excellent product.

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