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Know More About Best Health Insurance Plans For Married Couples

Marriages mark new beginnings and renewed responsibilities for both partners. With the entire change in the lifestyle patterns of married individuals, it is important to have security against any unforeseen medical needs, especially in the current scenario, when the cost of availing healthcare facilities is booming high. This security comes in the form of health insurance covers that can help keep you and your partner safe against any emergency or long-term medical condition.

There are different types of medical insurance plans available, but if one has to choose for a married couple, the most availed plan is a family health insurance plans that covers you and your family. It does not just provide insurance cover to you and your partner, but you can also include your children in the plan.

To choose a family health insurance for you and your partner, you must ensure that your plan provides the following benefits-

  1. Covers for pre-and-post hospitalization cost- Other than the in-hospitalization cost, make sure your family health insurance plan also covers the period before and after the hospitalization. This is the tenor while medical expenses are incurred for disease detection and recovery. There is a specific tenor for pre-and-post hospitalization cover that will be mentioned in your plan.
  2. Cashless treatment benefit– Ensure that your plan provides cashless treatment/transaction benefit. Under this benefit, you do not have to get the hospital expenses reimbursed later. Rather you can have these paid by the insurer while in hospital. However, there are two key points here-

(A) The cashless treatment facility can only be availed at network hospitals. Also, the insurer can contact the hospital staff directly in such cases to monitor the patient’s condition.

(B) Also, there may be chances that due to certain reasons, there is a delay in the cashless claim settlement. In such cases, you can pay the bill on the spot and get it reimbursed later.

  1. Ambulance cover– Make sure that your plan also entails the insurer paying for the ambulance expenses. However, the number of reimbursements can vary based on the insurance provider you choose. The cover is also applicable for a cab service that may be used in case of an emergency in place of an ambulance.
  2. Sum insured– Make sure that your insurance provider provides a sum insured of up to 50 Lakhs at affordable premiums. This helps you to choose a cover based on your needs with a higher limit that in most cases will suffice for you and your family.
  3. Adding members to the plan- Your insurance provider must provide you the flexibility of adding new members to the plan when needed. This is especially helpful for married couples who are planning to have a baby. So, you can add the newest family member to your insurance cover when you wish to do so.
  4. Add-on benefits such as cover for maternity-related expenses– The plan must also have add-on benefits such as free preventive health check-ups for you and your family every three-year, coverage for maternity expenses, organ donation expenses, AYUSH treatments, etc.

Apart from the above benefits, you must also know that by having a family health insurance plan for you and your partner you will be eligible for tax exemption. Hence you can save up to Rs. 60,000 under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

A plan with all the above benefits will provide you 360-degree security for all your financial medical needs. If you are looking for one such plan you can visit Bajaj Finserv website where complete details of various types of medical insurance plans are easily accessible.

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