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The Pakistani prime minister speaks of a ‘permanent peace’ with India: ‘War is not an option’

Shehbaz Sharif, the prime minister of Pakistan, has stated that Islamabad wants to establish “lasting peace” with India and that the only way to achieve this is through discussion because neither nation is interested in going to war. In order for the area to experience lasting peace, he continued, the Kashmir problem must be resolved.

Sharif made the remarks while addressing a group of Harvard University students. During the conversation on Friday night, he was cited as saying, “Pakistan vows to maintain peace in the region, and that sustained peace in the region was related to the resolution of Kashmir as outlined in UN resolutions.”

He was reported by news agency PTI as stating, “We desire permanent peace with India through negotiation since war is not an option for either of the countries,” according to The News International daily.

Sharif supported competition in trade and the economy between Islamabad and New Delhi. During Pakistan’s first few decades of existence, all economic sectors grew tremendously when plans, a national will, and an implementation mechanism were in place.


1- According to the PM, what is the reason for the economic crisis?

Ans- because of the political instability and structural issues.

2- Did the Pak PM want peace with India?

Ans – Yes

3- Did he say Islamabad and New Delhi should compete in trade?

Ans – Yes he said so.

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