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Adani Data Networks submits six circular applications for a universal licence.

According to government sources, Adani Data Networks has requested a universal access services licence (UASL) for six circles where it has purchased spectrum in the recently finished auction. The Adani Enterprises division needed to obtain a licence now to satisfy regulatory criteria because it was not a licensee when it took part in the spectrum auction.

If Adani Data Networks obtains a licence for universal access services, it will be able to provide mobility services across all six rings. The business, however, denied having any plans to get into consumer mobility. In response to ET’s question, the Adani Group stated, “Please note that our objective is not to be in the consumer mobility space. The business also referred to an earlier statement in which it claimed to have purchased airwaves for the purpose of establishing its private networks.

For 212 crore, the business purchased 400 MHz of spectrum in the millimetre wave range at 26 GHz. In Gujarat and Mumbai, it received 100 MHz each, and in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Rajasthan, and Tamil Nadu, it received 50 MHz.


1- When did they pay the first installment to telecommunication?

Ans- It made the initial payment of 18.9 crore on August 8.

2- Is Adani the sole new participant in the auction for 5G spectrum?

Ans- Yes

3- Why did they participate in the 5g spectrum auction?

Ans- To provide private network solutions.

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