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Putin says that the west’s sanctions fever wrecks European lives

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, condemned the western sanctions imposed because of Russia’s war in Ukraine. because a fever poses a threat to the entire world. In a speech to the economic forum, he also said that Russia was coping with the West’s economic aggression in Vladivostok. 

The president of Russia warned about the quality of life for Europeans as it was being sacrificed to the sanctions while poorer countries were losing access to food. He also said that Europe is cheating the poor countries. 

The Ukraine seaport was blocked by Russia for months. The export was resumed at the start of August as Russia’s leader asserted that only two-grain ships had gone to Africa. He also said that he wanted to discuss the revisiting deal as it was rejected by Ukraine as groundless. 

On February 24, Russia launched its invasion, and now it occupies about a fifth of the territory of Ukraine. By imposing sanctions on a large scale, the western nations responded to Russian individuals, businesses, and state-run enterprises. Now the European countries are thinking of cutting off their reliance on Russian gas and on Germany’s blaming it on technical issues. 

Putin said that his audience that the west was just importing its behavior on other countries. Numerous companies are now leaving Russia, but now we are all seeing how the jobs and production in Europe are closing one after another. 


  1. Who is the president of Russia?

Ans. Vladimir Putin 

  1. When did Russia launch its invasion of the fifth territory of Ukraine?

Ans. 24th February 

  1. Where did the Russian president give his aggression speech?

Ans. Vladivostok 

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