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EU says, Putin not bluffing about nuclear

The bloc’s foreign policy chief said that the EU must take Vladimir Putin’s threats that he could use nuclear weapons in the conflict in Ukraine seriously. Josep Borrell told Lyse doucet that the war had reached a dangerous moment. His remarks come as Russia begins a partial mobilization and also moves to annex four regions of Ukraine. Mr. Putin has faced setbacks on the battlefield, with his forces pushed back by a counter-offensive by Ukraine. 

Mr. Borrell said, “Certainly, it is a very dangerous moment because the Russian army has been pushed into a corner and Putin’s reaction is very threatening using nuclear arms, and it is very bad.” 

Since seven months ago, when Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began, analysts have agreed that President Putin’s forces are on the back foot. But he said a diplomatic solution must be reached, one that preserves the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. We can finish the war, but we will not have peace, so we will have another war. 

In a rare address to the nation a week ago, Mr. Putin said his country had various weapons of destruction and would use all means available to us to achieve it. I am not bluffing. When people say it is not a bluff, then you have to take them seriously. 

In the same speech,, President Putin announced the call-up of 300,000 Russians who have done compulsory military service and protested reports of the people fleeing the country to avoid being sent to the front line. 


  1. Does Putin serious about using destructive weapons?

Ans. Yes

  1. Who will be the victim?

Ans. Ukraine 

  1. How much time has passed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

Ans. Seven months

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