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Overnight Desert Safari Dubai-A Bizarre Camping Like Never Before

The beautifully preserved region of Dubai portrays pristine beauty and intact Arabian culture. The Emirati heritage is seen alive in its highest colours at the conservation reserve of Dubai. If you want to see the city from its traditional window, there’s nothing better than an overnight desert safari Dubai. As the golden plains offer an insight into the lifestyle of ancient Arabs when they were mere nomads.

Being the curious guests of Dubai, we packed our bags for an overnight expedition to the pristine desert. For this, we booked an itinerary through Happy Adventures Tourism LLC and doubled the buffoonery. If you are planning a trip to this precious landscape of Dubai, give a read to this text to know about what it offers.

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What to Expect from an Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

1.   Pick up

Our overnight desert safari in Dubai began with the pickup in a 4×4 off-road vehicle sent by the Happy Adventures Tourism team. The overnight expedition is the longest one among all the ventures. It is as short as nine hours. Well, the journey to the dunes was quite smooth and exciting as we reached the majestic landscape after the sunset.

2.   Dune Bashing

Desert sports are not new to the adventurists. Bashing across the high dunes is an exhilarating activity one could encounter in this nomadic region. We were provided with a ride by the operator of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC, a Nissan Patrol. The 4×4 was manoeuvred by the skilled off-road licensed driver across the unparalleled dunes.

The wild dune bashing ride also takes place in a hummer, jeep, buggy, or land cruiser. Many international visitors explore this desert safari in Dubai for the dune bashing ride. You can roll over the crests and troughs of the majestic sand ocean in an SUV of your choice. Remember, Dune bashing is not for heart patients, pregnant women, faint-hearted people, and children under 13 years of age.

3.   Camel Riding

Roam the magnificent desert under the spotlight of the moon on the camel’s hump. Camels are the ancient means of transport for the native Arabs. They hold them so dear that they are still kept as pets by many locals. Get the legit Bedouin vibe by following the camel caravan led by the local Bedouin. Meanwhile, you’ll be astonished by embracing the cold breezes of the desert and discovering rare wildlife. A camel safari is a timeless experience in the archaic background of the Arabian dunes.

4.   Quad Biking

Quad biking allows you to manoeuvre in the sand solely. All you have to do is take a set of instructions from the expert and take a trial. Once you get the grip, cross the terrain in your reckless style through a quad bike. It’s a rugged sport that is celebrated by several adventurists and thrill-seekers.

5.   Sand skiing

The sloppy dunes can’t be explored any better than gliding through a sandboard! Test your balance by surfing the sand bed on a wooden board. Sandboarding is similar to waterboarding and hovering except it can only be experienced on the dunes. The powdery sand particles take you to the seventh sky once you grab the balancing technique on a sandboard.

6.   Backpacker’s Time to Pitch Tents

Take the essence of lovely hospitality by the Arabian folks in the traditionally pitched camps. Our squad went for a safari as a group of adventurists, so we were willing to pitch our tents. Thanks to the team Happy Adventures Tourism who provided us with all the camping essentials. You can also book Bedouin camps that are purely based on traditional nomadic themes with an urban touch.

Spending a sleepless night in those camps while gazing at the galaxies was a magical experience. The majestic dunes under the moonlight reflect an occult of the twilight which only a soul traveller can consume.

7.   BBQ Dinner

The buffet set up in a desert safari takes the guests to the regal eating buffoonery. We were escorted to the buffet by the hosts of Happy Adventures Tourism where the great feast began. There were refreshing soft drinks, mocktails, and snacks. Also, the Arabian sweets and desserts relished our craving. The buffet is decorated with luscious cuisines including Arabian and international savoury. No matter you are a vegetarian or a meat lover, there’s a regal eating arrangement for every kind of eater. 

8.   Entertainment Night

The entertaining night is made vibrant with stunning dance performances by the artists. Smoulder the flavorful shisha and scream over the striking fire show, belly dance, and Tanura dance. Live entertainment contributes to the high spirits of the desert exclusively in an overnight safari.


In the admirable hospitality of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC, we soaked up in the grandeur of nightfall at the majestic Dubai dunes. The enthralling dune activities, appetizing dinner, stunning shows, and musing under the dark blue sky. All these unforgettable delights are the happenings of this amazing natural asset of Dubai.

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