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Which are the Top Three CBSE Schools in Hadapsar?

About Hadapsar

A developed town of Pune, Hadapsar is one of the most densely populated zones in Pune. A mix of dazzling corporate offices, residential complexes, and tech parks, Hadapsar is well connected to all the areas of the Pune district. It is one of the fastest-growing towns economically.

The Education System in Hadapsar

Owing to various educational institutions, Shri Jawaharlal Nehru once referred to Pune as the Oxford and Cambridge of India. Hadapsar being a part of  Pune, which is the educational and cultural capital of Maharashtra has some of the best primary schools, secondary schools and colleges. Students from nearby districts are migrating to Hadapsar because of the quality of education.

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The Top Three CBSE Schools in Hadapsar are listed below:

There are multiple options available for the parents so making a choice can be a daunting task but the best part is that you can do the research and find out the suitable school for your child.

Global Indian International school – As the name suggests this school has various branches internationally thus allowing the students to mingle with peers globally. Let’s look at some of the features that make GIIS one of the best CBSE schools in Hadapsar

  • Tech-savvy digital teaching- Founded in Singapore, GIIS is the major attraction for parents and students because of the new Smart campuses with tech-savvy methodology. In the current pandemic situation, when schools are adapting to the new technology-based digital education, GIIS already has established ways of virtual teaching. Apart from this, GIIS is a school that enables students for holistic growth.
  • Making children future ready- Some of the features that make the students future-ready are- innovation, creativity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, startup brainstorming, and many more
  • Safety – Safety, and security of children are equally important as the education system of the school. Parents are usually more comfortable sending their children to a secure school. Facial recognition is an important aspect of GIIS that enables it to provide due security and safety to students. This facial recognition system identifies students and helps them to access only those areas that are suitable to enter. Moreover, it provides added advantage by not allowing unknown people to enter the premises
  • GIIS also provides the best primary school and preschool for children and offers Scholarships to students who show academic achievement and who come from a lower family income background.

Amanora school – Amanora school maintains the legacy of providing excellent education to students. It is affiliated with CBSE. The school follows the Mypedia curriculum for kindergarten students and the CBSE curriculum for students of grades 1 to 12. Let’s take a look at the features of Amanora school that makes it stand apart-

  • Teaching methodology- The school focuses on providing a secure, nurturing and stimulating environment for kindergarten students. The school promotes the intellectual growth of small kids by conducting story-sharing programs, writing number games, and scientific experiences. In primary school, teachers encourage the students to question and gain a deeper insight into every aspect of learning keeping the social decorum. Middle and high school is a critical phase in students’ life as it empowers students to move ahead in college life and later on in workplaces. So activities are conducted in such a way that students are made future-ready for the 21st century.
  • Assessments- Assessments are an important part of the growth of a child. School provides student reports that help to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a child. Apart from this, the detailed analysis gives an insight into errors and misconceptions held by students. Class and school reports, Intensive assessments are some of the key assessments that enable the students and parents to understand the difficulty faced by the students.
  • Facilities- There are various facilities such as a library that contains periodicals, journals, books, magazines. Apart from this, a special chamber for music, dance, and drama provides a free space for students to flourish.

Clara Global School – It is yet another school affiliated with CBSE. It is a multicultural school providing world-class education. Clara Global School has the following worth mentioning qualities:

  • Extracurricular activities- A holistic and overall growth of students is made possible only when academics are clubbed with extracurricular activities. The school puts special emphasis on extracurricular activities so that they can choose career options that are out of the box and unique. These activities also inculcate team spirit, leadership, and a positive mindset.
  • Boosting confidence- Confidence is one such parameter that can make a person a total success or a total failure. Many students have the skills but they don’t have the confidence to showcase their talents so students at Clara Global school are trained in a way that makes the students comfortable being themselves. It enables students to appreciate all the good qualities and work on the drawbacks, thus making them confident and well versed.
  • Clara activity club- The school provides exceptional services that are not so common and unique. These qualities provide extra skills such as calligraphy, grammar with experts, yoga sessions and after school activities like karate, football, skating, badminton, Bharatnatyam, etc.


With so many options at your disposal, it could be a little overwhelming for you but with thorough research and knowledge, you can make the best decision for your child’s future. A child is like a tender plant, it will be transformed according to the inputs you put so while making the choice, make sure you go through the intricate details and check the school’s influence globally.

Some of the best primary schools in Pune understand your concern, and strive to provide the right kind of environment to your child.

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