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Maintenance-free traction batteries- Here’s how to find one

It’s not important for you to be an Electrical Engineer to know about batteries. All of us have come across a couple of different types of batteries in our lifetime. Some of the common places where we use batteries are wall clocks, alarms, doorbells, torches, etc. – these use small disposable batteries while cars, trucks, or buses use rechargeable batteries.

As we all know, a battery is a device that stores chemical energy and then converts it to electricity while discharging. It uses one or more electrochemical cells for discharging. It can be used in a range of activities such as from power needed to start engines of cars to act as a backup source of energy in households, medical departments, telecommunications, etc.

It has the potential to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gas by effectively storing electricity generated from renewable sources and using it as a source of power in electric vehicles.

In this article, we will guide you to select the most suitable traction battery in Delhi or your area.

How many types of batteries are present?

● Primary Batteries

 It is a simple and convenient source of power for several electronic devices such as lights, cameras, clocks, etc. They cannot be recharged hence should be discarded after use. They are cheap, lightweight, and have little or no maintenance.

● Secondary Batteries

The main advantage of such kinds of batteries is they can be electrically recharged to their original state. Small capacity secondary batteries are used in mobile phones and other gadgets. While heavy-duty batteries are used in electric vehicles or inverters to supply the electricity in houses.

What are SMF batteries?

These types of batteries are sealed completely because it doesn’t require water for their operation. The electrolyte used in it is a form of a gel that fills the cavity of the plates. Just like all batteries, it emits molecules of hydrogen and oxygen gases, and due to its sealed feature both the gases combine to form water.

● It is eco-friendly.

● It is compact.

● There is no fume or smell generated from the battery.

● There is no leakage of water during transportation.

● It is economical.

What are traction batteries?

It is a type of rechargeable battery used to power the electric motors of BEV (Battery electric vehicle) or HEV (Hybrid electric vehicle). Mainly used for appliances such as electric forklift trucks, electric tractors, industrial cleaning machines, etc.

Several 2V cells are connected in series in a traction battery and because of this, we get a higher voltage than other batteries. The important features that differentiate a traction battery from other batteries are:

● It has a long life.

● It has a higher energy density.

● It gives high performance.

● It is economical.

How to Choose a Battery?

The two main characteristics that need to be considered while selecting a battery are performance and cost. Feature:

● Do you need a primary or secondary battery?

● What is the shelf life?

● What is the efficiency and recharge rate?

● Does the battery heat up?

● What is the battery life?

 Where to look for a Battery?

● You can visit any nearby Battery store.

● You can search online and browse through different battery manufacture’s websites.

● Check E-commerce websites.

Final words

Selecting the most suitable battery pack for your application is very crucial for having an uninterrupted and reliable power supply. After determining the complete requirements and specifications for your battery it’s time to select the best battery pack from different manufacturers or Brands. If you live around Delhi, you can look for a Universal Power System to get any type of battery, especially the best SMF battery in Gurgaon for your application. They provide the best-in-class product with the latest battery technologies. You have ample options to choose from 2 V Power Stack/Battery bank, DG Batteries, Traction or Forklift batteries, Li-ion Batteries, etc. You can visit http://universalpower.co.in/ to get more information and dealer addresses.

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