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Key Factors That Make Virtual Events More Relevant

The advent of novel coronavirus has induced us to capture new digital tools and technologies. This spiked the chances of getting to know and transit our old versions of conducting businesses into new ones. Interactions and networking also intensified that parallelly uplifted marketing strategies as well.

During the difficult phase of the nationwide pandemic, virtual events became a reliable resource for the event industry which people are leveraging across the country today. Let’s admit the fact that 2020 was a disaster for the community but looking at the bright angle it did prove to be a learning and growing year for us.

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The public health issue has perhaps made us realise that digital elements are an essential part of business operations and so. With very little sign of relief from the abating pandemic, virtual events are expected to precisely become more popular, with better and improved efficacy, reach, quality, and participation alongside great innovations.

Virtual events Gains

Virtual events deduct all the geographical restrictions from the scenario which has further enabled a great margin of profits and visibility to the event planners and marketers. With more and more innovations and tech tools emerging in our ways, it is likely to assume that virtual events will only move forward and businesses are going to keep on taking advantage of the digital platform to adhere to social distancing and working from home norms. Experts believe that these new event trends are going to shape the planning and execution of the event industry on a global scale. With minimal indulgence in costs and a faster turnaround time, virtual events can largely impact your methods of networking.

Sustainable ROI

What do you aim to achieve from your virtual events? Is it related to generating better leads? Or establishing better targets? Well, a virtual event platform can offer both! With advanced technology and seamless integration of creative ideas, organisers have set themselves free in conducting brainstorming multi-format events. These can be product launches, webinars, roundtables, fairs, trade shows, AGMs, virtual conferences, and so on. No matter how big or small your plans are all can be done under the roof of virtual events.

Apart from that, the extensive data and market intelligence tactics gathered in a virtual space makes the platform stand out from on-ground activity. Tune in with great chances of driving all the necessary information about the attendees starting from booth visits to the duration of the sessions attended and to whom did they interact during the event. Through this insightful data, organisers can improve their methods of planning and execution while keeping their target audience’s interests in mind. This turns to develop better interaction and return on investments (ROI) which eventually enhance visibility and value to the company.

Shorter session durations

Imagine attending a keynote seminar without having a single break? How exhausting and less interesting will that be! Hence, in order to keep your attendees engaged and hook for long hours, it is advisable to conduct shorter sessions alongside breaks.

Earlier when physical events were at their peak, attendees had no option but to attend the session until the end. However, with the digital shift attendees are leveraged to either join or leave the session anytime they want. If you are unable to deliver your intentions to your prospective participant’s none will be bothered to even attend the event. It is comparatively more challenging to hold audiences attention in a virtual space than a traditional event. If you think that your event might last for 90 minutes or more try incorporating breaks in the middle for the attendees to freshen up and pay attention promptly.

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Use a moderator or emcee

Just like in traditional events, a moderator or emcee helps in keeping the attendees away from distraction and contextualise the presented information throughout the event. As more and more organisations continue to take their event online, the role of an emcee has no longer been required. With that being said, the importance of a moderator remains consistent among organisers and businesses. As discussed earlier, a long hour discussion can bring in fatigue and lack of interest which can further hamper the overall event performance.

To prevent your event from falling apart having a moderator is a must! A moderator’s role is to engage online participants through various activities, manage the overall event functionings, ask questions from a speaker on behalf of attendees, and so on.

Better sound quality

Imagine you have created an enticing and fantastic looking event ambience with aminated lights, effective networking lounges, soothing background music, and invited keynote speakers. Now, as soon as the event started and the speaker begins addressing the virtual audience the sound was not audible. This can devastatingly disrupt your event and chances are your attendees might log off immediately. Hence, sound quality for your event is a must for delivering a better user experience!

Our advice is to have a quick rehearsal before the event date for seamless interactions and networking! Ask your service provider about their take on audio devices that they will be providing and schedule a demo for assuring that the tools work efficiently.

Over to you

Virtual events in many ways have tremendously impacted our way of working in the new normal. The most relevant way to stand out from the crowd is understanding your audience’s perception and incorporating creative ideas to make them feel valued and enhance their platform journey effectively.

Virtual events are easier to set up, cheaper and allows global reach as compared to traditional events. It is convenient as you only require three important factors such as a strong internet connection, a portable device, and a comfortable space that avoid distractions. How fascinating is that?

The five key factors mentioned above in the blog will help you get started with the planning and execution of your very renowned virtual events. Always keep a close eye on your competitors, the market trends, and stay up-to-date regarding the topic you are considering to share with your attendees. In addition to that, incorporate fun and engaging activities that can allow audiences to have an unforgettable experience. It is time for you to bring the ‘A’ game to the market!

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