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Well, if you are a welder or welding enthusiastic, or even a beginner then you should know the value of a great welding helmet. Your work will be easier if you can select the best welding helmet. Well, here in this article we will tell you two of the best welding helmet that you can grab within $100.

As a beginner, you should look at the price, later as per your understanding of helmet or as per your job requires you can go for the one you required. As while you are a beginner you can lack various knowledge about a great helmet and you may can end up buying a more priced helmet which may be not so good. Thus here will describe to you shortly about things that you need o check before purchasing a great helmet. Along with 2 o the best welding helmet you can purchase as a beginner that will also be pocket friendly and comes under $100.

Welding Helmet
welding helmet

Points to look before purchasing a best welding helmet :

Well, to describe there are various points to look for. but major of the points require some what experience in working with welding jobs so that you can have a brief idea. but there are also few points in which you don’t need to know a large thing but anyone can understand the things. Let’s go with the points.

Auto Darkening :

This feature ensures you that the helmet will auto darken itself while it detects any sparks or light. moreover, it can dark itself more as the brightness of the light increases. So this would be very helpful as you don’t need to remove the helmet while not at work because it will clear the display while no sparking is there. As a fresher or beginner, this should be your prime thing to look at.

Comfort :

While talking about the comfort of the helmet we generally talk about the weight, design, etc. because the lighter the design the more easy for you to keep it for a prolonged period of time and the design should also be made great so that wearing the helmet for a prolonged period of time should not cause you any neck or shoulder pain.

Power Source :

The welding helmets generally power sourced with batteries, solar chargeable system and some comes with both solar and batteries. Well, each one have its own pros and cons we will recommend you to use helmets with both solar and battery system so that if unknowingly your battery dies, the your work should not stop, thus you can take help from the solar panel that are inbuilt in the helmet.

Display :

The basic thing about this is the more the viewing angel or display the better and wider you can look into it. And there are multiple lens sizes available. Check the various display inch sizes and choose what you want to.

Cheater Lens :

Cheater lens is a small magnifying lens that used to come attached with the clamp of the helmet and it is a totally optional thing that you can get with many helmets and many helmets don’t offer this option. So you need to check with your helmet provider that if it Is coming or not. By the way, this cheater lens will help you to see magnified to your job which is great and very helpful while you are a beginner.

Design :

Check if the design of the welding helmet is ergonomically design, so that it will give support to your full face and also you can keep it wearing for a longer period of time. If the design is not great enough then you might find it difficult to keep it wearing for  a longer period of time, as the welding jobs demands to working with welding helmets for a longer period of time.

The helmet we listed both are ergonomically design and you can easily keep it wearing for prolonged period of time without feeling any pain.

Two of the best welding Helmet under $100 :
YESWELDER Welding Helmet 

This welding helmet is the best welding helmet with auto darkening feature and comes under $100. It offers a great viewing angel with technology featured for increased battery life with multiple control and features that you would love to have.

Antra AH6-260-0000 Welding Helmet

This helmet comes around $50 and also great if you are a beginner with a digital auto-dimming LCD that features an easier view and work. Auto darkening features and many more.

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