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Installing A Pool in The House


Having a swimming pool in the house can be can be great. Installing it and that can be a huge process for which you have to get all the necessary documents and contact a proper installation company. The process is usually similar whether you are installing a fiberglass, vinyl or concrete pool.

Location for your pool

You need adequate place to install it, so you need to decide on the place and dimensions. Decide on the depth, length and shape and hire the people who are involved in this work to help you out.

Prepare the necessary documents

Before you go ahead with the installation you need to get the permit, you can do this by applying for a residential building permit online with the local department responsible for this. The residential permit will have the necessary requirements and guidelines for the swimming pool. In certain cases, you have to check with the neighbourhood homeowners’ guidelines before you can on with the building of the pool.

Prepare the location for installation

Many people like to have the pool in the backyard, if that’s where you want to have it you need to prepare that area first. You need to clean up by removing the tress and other trash to make room for the pool. You can hire people to clean up your backyard.

Once you have a bare land you can come up with a pool design suitable for the area. Contact a contractor who will start work by digging up the ground to dispose the rocks and sand. Once the ground has been dug, they would level it off to install it. Depending on the depth the ground will be levelled off appropriately.


To install the water system, you have to hire a plumbing expert. When you are looking for plumbers make sure they are experienced in stalling for it. If you are looking for a good plumber Melbourne has many.

Electricity wiring

Bring an electrical expert for the fixation of electricity. This can be for the installation of the lighting and filtration system.

Types of pool

There are different kinds like concrete, fiberglass or vinyl. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Concrete pool

It made with this material is strong, long lasting and durable, but it is expensive. This kind is used mainly for heavy and long-term use. These pools are installed in order to cut down repair cost in the long run.

Fiberglass pool

You can get one made suitable for the design of your pool. Installation with fiberglass is very easy, once the ground is dug up you can just put them in. Fiberglass is durable and can be used for very long time.

Vinyl pool

Vinyl pools are easy to install and cheap. The drawback is that they can bubble up and wrinkle up or wear out sooner that the others.

Once the pool is installed fill up it, make sure the water is treated with chemicals.

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