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Important Things to Bring During a Car Show


One of the few very rewarding activities and event for a car enthusiast is a car show. It is where people of the same interest met and show their different styles and various approach towards being a car enthusiast. What makes it more fulfilling is that these events are not just show events but also it can be used to raise funds for certain noble causes the organizers has planned to support with.

Although everyone wants to go and join a car show, not everyone is familiar with what to bring during a car show and show they should prepare for it. Here are some items that you must bring during such events.


In many cases these events are most likely done in an open area or sometimes in a wide parking lot around malls or stadiums. There are some high-end car shows which utilize indoor galleries but such are very rare since it is costly and can only be done by extra rich organizers. A canopy is a must in these car shows. You could camp in it from the heat of the sun and you could put extra stuff around that you needed for the event.

Extra Tools

You can never know what will unfold in such events so to cover for everything you have to bring extra of everything even mechanical tools or cleaning sets. Some car owners tend to show more in such events like having to replace some parts of the car during such events to showcase their art or product. Cleaning tools such as rugs, microfiber wipes and Rupes polisher are a must to bring as an extra for these events. Some of these tools you can lend to other participants in the event should they need one. 


One of the biggest mistakes for newbie car show participants is that they would assume that there are available chairs for everyone during the show, they have never been more wrong. In many cases there will always be a deficit of chairs and its availability around these car shows, so it is best to bring your own and bring extra for your crew because you cannot just have them just walking or standing around all day. 


You just don’t take care of the car that you are bringing, you also take care of yourself and your crew. So in case of car shows, you bring your own icebox or cooler to store your water and other liquid stuff that you will need along the way. It would be very costly to just buy stuff around these events, so just bring everything you need with you. Also, if you need to be there longer you can bring in an extra container for some sandwiches and stuff.

Extra Products

Of course, if you are promoting a product or a brand in such show, in which case you are, then bring some with you during these shows. You can have these products as freebies or raffle prizes for your own. Also bring some stickers and calling cards for your website and your brand or your shop. Always think in advance because these events could be a great way for you to market your own brand in your own little way.

In a car show what remains important is that you remain cordial and chill about your ride and with your fellow car enthusiast in the event. Having these items would make the experience more positive and also ready for a fun-filled event. 

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