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How to take care of Persian Cat?

Persian cats are known for their long, luxurious fur as well as their laid-back attitudes, which make them a joy to be around. However, prospective Persian kitty owners should be informed that they demand more care than their feline counterparts. Persians are known for their long and velvety fur, which is perhaps their most distinguishing attribute. And active maintenance on the part of the cat’s owner is required to maintain their lustrous coats healthy.

By staying on top of your Persian’s grooming needs, you can take good care of a Persian Cat. If you are thinking of bringing home a Persian kitten or a Persian Cat, You can buy them from Dream Pet where there are very beautiful, snuggly Persian Cat for sale.

Here are a few helpful hints that may be all you need to maintain your cat’s fur, ears, claws, and eyes clean and healthy.

  1. Maintaining the Coat- The mat that your cat receives because of the long, double coat is the most upsetting factor. Therefore, you need more than just a normal comb. You need a metal-based wide-toothed comb as it is the most effective one in removing the extra fur that grows. If you comb your cat daily, it will never develop a mat and will adore you even more!

Hairballs can form as a result of their bushy hair, but brushing regularly can help keep them at bay.

  • Bathing- The benefit of having a cat is that it attempts to keep itself tidy. Bathing is required for Persian cats since their fur can grow oily and form mats. A decent shampoo and conditioner will help to maintain the fur’s quality and the beauty of this doll-like cat.
  • Taking care of the eye- All cats produce tear fluid, which keeps the surface of the eye moist andan  should drain away through paired tear ducts in each eye. Unfortunately, because of your Persian’s shortened snout, these ducts have become overtightened and can no longer drain adequately. Therefore, you need to wipe the tear that rolls down it’s eye at least twice a day. If left unwiped, it may develop a stain and cause infection.
  • Cleaning the ear- Ear infections in Persian cats are more difficult to detect and cure because their ears are smaller and softer than those of other breeds. As part of the grooming process, inspect your cat’s ears and clean them if they appear oily or unclean. To clean the cat’s ears, gently wipe them with a cotton ball dampened with an ear cleanser. If there is any discharge or a foul odour, consult a veterinarian.
  • Trimming the nails- If you’re clipping your Persian’s nails on your own for the first time, make sure it’s in a relaxed mood. Take the paws in your hands slowly and evaluate the cat’s disposition; if the cat retracts, do not attempt to clip the nails forcibly. Gain trust gradually over time, and make it a habit to clip its nails at least once a week. Also, be careful not to cut too deeply, as this could result in sores and infection.
  • Keeping the dental problems away- You adore your cat and pamper it with treats. However, remember to look after oral health as well. If the teeth are not cleaned regularly, tartar can form, which is bad for the health of the cat. It may be more difficult to clean the cat’s teeth on your own, so see a grooming specialist.

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FAQs about take care of Persian Cat

Can milk be given to Persian Cats?

Since most cats are lactose intolerant, giving them cow’s milk cay be harmful to their health. Milk is not a required part of cat nutrition, and many cats suffer from stomach upsets or other disorders as a result.

How can I make my Persian Cat happy?

Take your cat for walking (not regularly though) an scratch the surface, administer preventive cat medicine, keep an eye out for any health issues, especially breathing problems, take it to the vet, and most importantly, have fun with it.

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