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Best Benefits of Using Air Fryer

With the increase in the varieties of kitchen appliances, people now have more easy and quick options for cooking. You will find many new and modern appliances in the kitchen, which look trendy and are very useful too. An air fryer is one such innovative appliance that works based on the convection mechanism to distribute hot air around the food so that it gets cooked to perfection. You can cook most of the delicacies that you fry in a deep fryer in this appliance as well. 

An air fryer has a basket-type container in which food is placed and gets cooked. You can easily use it without any hassle. Air fryers come with many benefits, some of which are discussed below.

Air Fryer
Air Fryer

Air Fryer Use Less or No Oil:

The very important benefit of an air fryer is that you don’t have to use much oil or preparing foods like samosa, tikki, French fries etc. Sometimes, food can be cooked without oil also. Using less oil or no oil directly benefits your health as you will consume fewer calories, and this helps in avoiding fatty foods. With faster and uniform heating, the food gets cooked evenly on all sides. This gives you the perfect air-fried snacks. 

Air Fryer is Safe to Use:

Air fryers are self-contained cooking appliances that see to it that the user is fully safe from hot oil that may splatter when deep frying foods. As compared to a conventional deep fryer pan, air fryers are much safer. They come with an auto shut-off feature, which means the fryer gets switched off once the food is cooked. 

You can even teach your kids or elders to use the appliance because it is not only easy to operate but also safe to use. There’s no risk in handling it. You just need to place the food to be cooked inside and press a button to start the operation. Once the food is cooked, the appliance will switch off automatically. 

Air Fryer Do Not Take Much Space:

If we compare with typical fryers, then air fryers take up very little space. A small space on your kitchen countertop is more than enough. If you don’t want to place it on your countertop, you can even store it away in a cupboard when not in use. 

Air Fryer Fewer Calories and Fats:

When you use a deep fryer, the food gets submerged in oil fully, which makes you consume a higher number of calories and fats. Such deep-fried foods are unhealthy too. With air fryers, you just have to brush a little oil over the food to be cooked to get tasty, crispy, and crunchy fried food without much oil in it. 

Air Fryer is a Multipurpose Appliance

If you happen to invest in an advanced air fryer, it is likely to come with multiple purposes. You can use this single appliance to fry, bake, grill, roast, and steam – so, you don’t have to invest in separate appliances for each of these. All that you have to do is choose a setting from the pre-set menu and turn the appliance one. You are also likely to find functions like Defrost, which can help you thaw frozen food before air-frying it. 

Air Fryer Easy to Clean:

Cleaning an air fryer after every use is very easy. You can easily wipe the external of the appliance using a moist cloth. You can wash the basket, tray, and pan easily with a mild cleaning agent and soft scrubber. 

Aren’t these benefits compelling enough to invest in an air fryer for your home? Whenever you crave for fried and crispy food, just switch on the air fryer and fry your favourite snacks with ease. 

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