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Difference between pre-school and nursery

Pre-school or nursery whichever you choose, the choice has a huge impact on the child. Deciding where to send your child is a big decision. Just because the words are different doesn’t mean that pre-school and border don’t have any similarities. They’re similar and different from each other in many ways. Institutions might not be willing to inform parents about the difference between the two. But, here we will surely mention the similarities and the differences between these two institutions. 

Similarities between pre-school and nursery.


The basic similarity is that they take children that are older than infants. Age of entry for the best play school in Kakinada depends from school to school. Some might prefer early admission while some might have an age requirement. Pre-schools and nurseries surely have some requirements. Such as, some wants the children to be toilet trained, some prefer the kids to know the language in order to communicate. They have similar rules on vaccinations and treating illness. There are some public and some private pre-schools and nurseries. 

What makes nursery schools different?

Nurseries mostly enrol students as young as six week olds. They have a different admission policy as compared to pre-schools. Gradually these children scale up to pre-schools. They also have after school care. So some school going students prefer to go there for after school care. This is one of the best place for parents who work full time to drop their kids here. They’re open always on business or working hours. This is one relief for a family where both parents are working. The meal system is different for pre-school and nursery. A preschool offers lunch and an afternoon snack whereas nursery offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nurseries are very flexible, they offer full time care and also drop in care. Drop in means the time frame where parents are busy and can’t give attention to their kids. 

What makes preschool different?

Preschools are such that they accept children just before they’re school ready. Therefore, there are very few pre-schools that accept children below the age of three. Pre-school is basically starting of formal education. They have their own rules and timings. It is very rare to find pre-schools that have nurseries under one roof. It is in a way easier for parents as the child can be promoted from nursery to pre-school and be in the same school premises. 

Pre-school being termed as school follows the same rules of a normal school. It has timings and certified educators. The staff and teachers should have a degree in early childhood education. So therefore, this leads to higher fees as compared to nurseries. Preschools surely have their schedule and timings that they stick to. Some might have it from 8am to 2pm or maybe even shorter. But it is important to notice that if you child needs a 12 hour or more care. He/she needs to be admitted in nursery and not in a pre-school. 


Both nurseries and pre -school have their own differences and similarities. The admission totally depends on what the need is. Nurseries are surely the first step for any child. But pre-schools are the start of a formal school. A child demanding additional care more than 8 hours surely needs a nursery whereas a kid who only wants to learn before he/she gets admitted to a formal school would mainly require an admission in pre-school. Nurseries have more flexibility when compared to pre-schools. But the teachers and staff in pre-school is more trained with early childhood education. It really is a parents’ decision as to what their environment is and how they want the kid to be handled. Finding the right school is surely a task but it is highly important. Various factors should be taken into consideration from the parents’ side. 

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