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Hotel Key Card Holders v/s Hotel Card Sleeves: Which is the better option for hotels?

Every other day, hotel employees tend to meet a lot of guests from around the world. Guests come from a wide range of cultures and they tend to speak a wide range of languages as well. This makes life very exciting for hotel staff and employees. A lot of variety comes with the job for hotel staff and employees and then come the challenges as well. Every day is different for hotel employees and thus it is a need for hotels to provide excellent service to everyone that walks in through the door. Hotels should aim to provide an excellent and superior hotel experience to their guests comprising of factors like amenities, customer service as well as the quality of the room.

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 What are the key benefits that businesses can avail by using key card accessories?

The troikas of these factors are actually very important for different guests. This is mainly because if the guests are not provided with the information that they require, then the overall experience can go from great to awful real quick. One of the best ways to give your guests the information that they need is to put the information on a tool for them to use, every single day, and every other day. Key cards actually happen to be one of the best places for hotel management and staff to display the information that must be known by the hotel staff.

Your guests can easily see all the information on the key cards whenever they check-in and they can also have the cards with them throughout their stay. Hotel key cards actually tend to have much more space. Hotel key cards can be completely turned into marketing tools by simply adding key card accessories to them. This means that not only will people get more room, but also the cards will be protected and the guests will have a very convenient place to store all of their key cards. Let’s see which keycard accessory which might be the best option for you.

Hotel Card Sleeves

These are things that are exactly what they sound. They are like a sleeve which holds and protects various hotel key cards. They are a very simple accessory that encase the key cards and prevent the same from either getting damaged or getting lost. Hotel card sleeves actually give people much less room to communicate with the guests than most of the other key card accessories. That being said, they are still one of the most effective ways of getting the job done with ridiculous ease. Further, one can also easily use the hotel key cards at their disposal to communicate a lot more information.

Hotel key card holders

Hotel key card holders actually look like very miniature folders. They easily open up like books and usually they have some pockets on the inside where a key card can be placed with ridiculous ease. This style happens to be very beneficial for the hotel key card because it helps to protect the card, make it look professional and then there’s plenty of space for people to communicate with their guests. With hotel key card holders, there is little or no worry about the card either falling out of pockets or wallets or even purse. Guests just want to enjoy their vacation and this is where hotel key card holders come into the picture. The unique design style of the hotel key card holders keeps the card securely in place and keeps it protected from all the elements. This helps in ensuring that the guests won’t really have to make the extra trip all the way up to the front desk for getting new key cards.

The Bottom Line One of the main benefits of hotel key card holders is that you get a lot more space to be super-creative and promote your hotel in the best ways imaginable. You can add your logo as well as your branding in very eye-catching designs if you are looking for ways to foster recognition as well as curiosity. You should ideally create a design which will make your guests want to look at all the different information that you might be putting inside your key cards. Now it’s time to figure out the information that you might want to include in such cards and you can either go for basic information like phone numbers, the wifi password as well as the room number. You can also use hotel key cards as excellent promotional tools. If you happen to have a rewards program, then the hotel key card holders will be one of the best places to remind guests about such a program and then you can also introduce them to all the different things that you potentially have to offer

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