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How to Keep & Store Coffee Beans Properly?

Are you a coffee connoisseur? Then you must have heavily indulged in purchasing different kinds of coffee beans. After all, the search to get that perfect taste of coffee never satiates a coffee fanatic.

But no matter how expensive and rare coffee beans you purchase, if you don’t store them properly, they turn into good for nothing. Whether you buy pure Arabica coffee Brazil or the rustic Robusta coffee beans, none will offer the authentic flavor if you don’t keep and store them suitably.

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This is why we are here with a guide that will help you learn about the ins and outs of storing coffee beans. Continue to read till the end to learn all about it.

To Keep It In The Freezer or Not

Well, the biggest mistake one can make when storing coffee is to keep it in the freezer or fridge. Whether you have leftover coffee grind or an opened bag of coffee beans, avoid storing it in the freezer or inside your fridge.

Coffee beans or coffee grind when put inside the fridge, they lose their freshness immediately. By the time you take it out, thaw it and then brew it, the entire flavor is lost.

One more thing to remember is that the cell structure of coffee is porous and extremely soft and it has the tendency to absorb aromatics. So, when you store coffee inside your fridge, any strong-smelling item such as onions or garlic can seep into the flavor of coffee.

Now, that’s not something you would want, right? Also, when you keep coffee inside the fridge or freezer, there’s a lot of moisture that could ruin your coffee beans or coffee grind.

So, it is for the best to avoid storing coffee in the freezer but you cannot just help it then make sure the seal of the coffee bag is untampered before you store it in the fridge.

Whole Coffee Beans vs Pre-Ground

For a quality cup of coffee, you must purchase a bag of whole coffee beans. The beans are like a vessel itself where all the flavor is sealed and once the bean is broken, the flavor starts to oxidize at a rapid pace.

Therefore, the pre-ground coffee bag may not have that much flavor as a bag of whole coffee beans. Experts suggest that the ideal way to brew a perfect cup of joe is to grind the beans right before you brew.

Pre-ground coffee may not be as flavorsome as whole bean coffee.

Roast Date – Does it really matter?

If you are going for filter-brewed coffee then the closer the roast date, the better brew you’ll get. However, you need to keep in mind that the coffee needs at least a day or two to rest after it has been roasted.

Since during the roasting period a lot of gas is trapped in the coffee, a 24 hours to 48 hours rest is necessary. For espresso drinks, the coffee beans need to be rested for at least five days from the roast date.

According to an expert’s suggestion, for filter-brew coffee a 3 to 10 days rest is essential from the roast date.

Don’t Let the Stale Coffee Beans Go to Waste

Well, ideally it is suitable to buy small amounts of freshly roasted whole coffee beans but we all know that’s not possible to achieve so instead we invest on big pouches of coffee beans. However, we are left with stale coffee beans.

But don’t let your stale beans go to waste, instead use them for a special brew which is the cold brew. Instead of using fresh coffee, you can make use of old stale coffee beans for making cold brews and it will taste as good as the fresh ones.

These are a few things that you should keep in mind for storing your coffee and making the best use of coffee beans. Whether it is Arabica coffee Brazil or any other kind, make sure to follow this guide.

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