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Top Pediatric (Child) Neurologists In Gurgaon

Top Pediatric (Child) Neurologists In Gurgaon

in this Blog Talkbuz provide you Top child neurologists in Gurgaon.

Dr. Rakesh K Jain (Pediatric Neurologist in Gurgaon Near Sector 44)

25 years experience overall
Gurgaon Sector 44,Gurgaon Fortis Memorial Research Institute
₹1200 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Puja Grover Kapoor(Pediatrician in Gurgaon Near DLF Phase IV)

16 years experience overall
DLF Phase IV,Gurgaon Doctors Hub + 3 more
₹1500 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Ajit Singh Baghela (Pediatric Neurology in Gurgaon Near Sector 52)

9 years experience overall
Gurgaon Sector 52,Gurgaon Credence Superspecialty Clinic
₹800 Consultation fee at clinic

Consult a Child Neurologist For Your Child’s Overall Development

best child neurologist in Gurgaon
best child neurologist in Gurgaon

Parenting a child is more difficult than it first appears. You won’t believe how many issues your tiny creature may be dealing with that you are not even aware of, and autism is one such condition that a baby may experience at a young age. While early diagnosis of autism can assist the child receive the best results, it’s okay if you learned about it much later. A competent best child neurologist in Gurgaon who specializes in such instances is the finest source for the best autism treatment.

Autism is a neurobehavioral condition where a child struggles to communicate and develop social skills, and it has a direct impact on your child’s ability to develop normally. The child might not respond when you call his name or speak to him; he also might not make any noises to get your attention; he might not show any playfulness; he might not try to imitate your facial expressions, or he might not make eye contact with you. Simply using the “wait and watch” approach to miss these warning signs could put your child in danger.

You must be aware of the signs of autism as a parent and understand how to handle them. You are the only one who can notice changes in your child and stop them early. Three categories are used to categorize the signs of autism spectrum disorder and are discussed below:

  • Impaired Communication: Your child’s communication abilities might seem odd to you. If your child has trouble speaking, even at the age of two. Even after you try to teach the child new words, he only continues to repeat a small number of sets of words. Your child breaks up his lines into words rather than speaking them in full sentences, which results in monotonous speech. Your child is not as active as other students at this age even after being checked out by the doctor for their typical hearing and speaking test.
  • Social Interaction: You’ll know your child is acting out of character when someone asks them to do something when they don’t even reply when their parents call their names. You discover that your child prefers to play alone and does not enjoy settings like a child his age would. They avoid such gatherings and don’t appear to be interested in the company of kids their age. While speaking, the youngster breaks eye contact, fails to comprehend facial expressions, and makes no attempt to imitate them.

Repetitive Conduct (Unusual Behavior): When something unexpected occurs or the child does not respond to any sensory stimulation activity, such as sound, scent, lights, and colors, the child may exhibit unexpected behavior. The child might not use any imagination when playing with his toys, for example, by placing the blocks in an inane arrangement. By performing some repetitive actions like flipping or rocking back and forth, the child may be seen.

Advice for recognizing the signs in your child:

Parents must be knowledgeable about their child’s behavior and any potential early indications of autism. They need to understand what is right and what is typical in their child’s daily activities. The first thing parents should excel at is tracking their child’s development. Parents must monitor their child’s social, emotional, and behavioral development because autism has a detrimental impact on the development of the child. If you notice any changes, you must take

Without giving “don’t worry” or “wait and watch” a second thought, take your youngster to the pediatric neurologist.
Prenatal variables:
There may be some prenatal causes for the disorder known as autism, including

  • If the mother took antidepressants during the first three weeks of pregnancy.
  • If, in the first trimester of pregnancy, the mother isn’t receiving enough folic acid or nutrition
  • If the mother’s pregnancy was interrupted by a diagnosis of maternal illnesses,
  • If the mother worked in a setting where she was directly exposed to chemical contaminants during her pregnancy

Immediate postpartum issues with the infant, such as low birth weight or neonatal anemia.

Pediatric (Child) Neurologists Overview

Parents are the ones who stay with their child for a longer period and can recognize differences in his behavior; a child neurologist cannot diagnose the condition in only a few minutes of a meeting. You might get extra assistance from a child dermatologist specialist in Gurgaon in educating the parents about every facet and symptom of the autistic disease.

With more than 10 years of expertise in neurology and providing rehabilitative treatments to children of various age groups, the best child Neurologist in Gurgaon. Epilepsy, cerebral palsy, ADHD, headaches, metabolic diseases, stroke, muscular dystrophy, developmental difficulties, and issues with poor focus are among the conditions he effectively treats. In addition to providing treatment, he also offers treatments to his patients who have cerebral palsy, autism, and stroke. Additionally, he offers therapy sessions to kids and his patients about how kids grow physically and mentally.

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