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Appreciation Gifts for Remote Workers

Since work from home and remote working has become the new normal in work dynamics, the work experience is a lot different than it was before. Everyone just does their tasks and responsibilities at home or wherever they are and communicate with their team through calls or video chat.

Gatherings are done virtually unlike before when company parties are events that employees look forward to. Since everything has changed a lot in just a few years, employees should also adapt new methods that would apply to the new working dynamics.

One of the common issues among employees amidst the pandemic is that they don’t feel much connected and appreciated with the work they do. Since everyone is just at their homes, looking after their well-being regarding their work is quite challenging. As an employer, making your employees feel appreciated is essential to keep them motivated in giving their best in their job. Here are some of the simple ways to show your appreciation to them.

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Give Them a Paid Time Off

Employees won’t usually ask for this unless you offer it to them. Since most likely they are working on unusual time shifts because of everything that needs to be done at home, burnout becomes a common issue for remote workers. Let them know that their well-being is what matters the most and it is okay for them to take some time off from work whether it is a vacation or just for rest.

Send a Care Package

To keep your workers motivated, show them that you care for them as a person and not just the work that they do. Since they are at home with their family, sending them a care package is one of the simple ways to say thanks for a job well done.

Send a gift basket that contain surprises for the whole family to show that you are supportive of a balanced work-family life – from basic home needs, little treats for the kids, and many more. If you need quality and thoughtful gift hampers Melbourne has a good company that offers a variety of gift baskets perfect for everyone.

Keep an Eye on their Professional Development

A lot of workers are complaining that their professional development has been stagnant since the start of the pandemic. Aside from so many professional trainings that have been cancelled, it could be hard to balance everything – family, work, professional development, especially during these hard times.

You can help your employees stay sharp these times by providing them with learning and development stipends or allotting some hours they could use on online learning platforms. These days, online learning and development is in demand so you’ll definitely have a lot of options to choose from.

Showing appreciation to your workers is an important part of keeping them inspired and motivated to continue doing their best work even when times have changed a lot. You could even send a simple thank you note or card on regular mail so they’ll still feel connected to the company.

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