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Why Web Developers Should Consider Managed Reseller Hosting?

Why Web Developers Should Consider Managed Reseller Hosting

The majority of businesses are moving towards having an online platform. That has brought web designers and developers in demand to help them build a successful website.

Business owners have recognized the need for having an online presence to reach a wider audience and increase revenue. There are several elements in the online business that people might not be equipped to handle. This is where they turn to you to lay the foundation with development and set it up with the designing process.

So the majority of business owners aim to connect with you. A designer and developers, to set up their online website. Once they have built a strong foundation. They need a place to house their data and get their website live. This is where the web hosting provider comes in.

A host is required to help your visitors access your website online. Hence, it is one of the most crucial decisions for your clients. As they are unaware of the number of resources they will need to run their website smoothly.

This is where they will look to you to help guide them. They rely on you to help get their website going. The majority of developers and designers usually recommend the best web hosting provider to their clients along with the package that would be most compatible with their needs among shared hosting, VPS hosting, and many more. 

Don’t you think it will be highly profitable for you to dip your toes in reseller web hosting? Rather than pass up so much business to other web hosting providers? It can take your revenue to a whole different level. Just by offering your clients a web hosting service, you can help them personally and ensure that you help them grow their website and succeed.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is basically a type of web hosting service. That includes buying hosting services from a web hosting provider in bulk, dividing them into smaller packages, and reselling them to different clients at a price of your choosing. The services you buy from a provider could include RAM, CPU, bandwidth, storage space, backup, etc. You can then resell these resources to as many clients as the resources and space you have bought can accommodate. 

If you already provide your customers with design and development services, including web hosting services can elevate your business to the next level by attracting a wide range of clients with your inclusive packages. It will help your clients to meet all of their needs in one place itself. Let’s take a look at the process you should follow to ensure a successful reseller web hosting business as a web developers.

How to ensure the success of your reseller hosting business?

Conduct diligent research 

There are plenty of web hosting providers in the market offering a wide variety of services. So it can prove to be quite difficult to stand out from your competition. You need to conduct diligent research to figure out what your competitors are going. The packages they are providing, and several other factors that can help you set up your reseller hosting business with ease.

Choose the perfect web hosting provider 

You are not responsible for the physical aspect of reseller hosting like the server. The company that you buy these resources from is responsible for all of this equipment and its management. Hence, it is crucial that you choose a web hosting company.

That has a solid reputation and reviews regarding its services, safety, and various other features and resources. Ensure that you get maximum uptime, and great reseller web hosting plans. You should select the web hosting provider that provides a solid foundation.

Select a name for your business

You can use the same name as your web development business if you have one, or else choosing a new one just for your reseller web hosting service works just as well. 

Register your domain name

After your business name is chosen, your domain needs to be registered. You have the option to use the one that you already have. To begin with, ensure that it is not taken, and register before someone grabs it. 

Get your website going

Once your website is completely built, you can get it live on your server so that people who are looking for your reseller hosting services. Along with web development skills can browse your packages and contact you. 

Putting together your hosting packages

The needs of your customers will dictate the kind of reseller hosting packages you need to put together. The cost of your services should depend on several factors. Such as the kind of hardware and software you provide. Several features such as customer support, bandwidth, and much more.

Terms of service

Defining your service including your terms and conditions can help prevent your customers from indulging in any illicit activities. You need to align your service terms to those of the web hosting provider that you are buying your web hosting services from.

Put your support team together

In order to provide support to your customers. You need several features including ticketing software, an easy-to-navigate control panel, and much more. You need to figure out the small elements of the support system you intend to offer your customers. Also, include the amount of time your support team will be available. The ways you can contact them, and much more. 


Reseller hosting is the best way to expand your business and increase your revenue. You do not have to deal with the management of any equipment. The data centre, or its purchase and updates. You have to deal with the easy task of rebranding their resources by dividing them into any type of package. You want and offering them as your own product.

Your web hosting provider also takes care of all the problems. That might crop up regarding your server and network. They also provide your customers with support. You can reap the benefits while dealing with basic responsibilities. For web developers and designers, reseller hosting is the best option.

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