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Why Should a Mugshot Be Removed From Search Results?

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The desire to remove a mugshot of the Internet has only grown as online mugshot websites have exploited public information as a weapon. While there are situations when it is necessary to make someone’s mugshot public, those who desire to profit from the humiliation of others may readily abuse this choice.

Those “others” have often done nothing to merit the massive retribution that comes with being eternally associated with a little transgression. The grounds to remove mugshots are discussed in the following article. Let’s get started!

Maintaining Your Reputation

One of the most compelling reasons to remove mugshots is the damage they may cause to your reputation. Unfortunately, there are a lot of websites that profit from shaming people.

For years to come, these sites can keep your mugshot at the top of search engines. Having a mugshot deleted allows you to reclaim part of what you’ve lost.

To Fight Back Against False Charges

When you haven’t been convicted of the crime for which you’ve been arrested, online mugshots are especially unjust. You may be able to avoid the accusations entirely, but you will still have to deal with the consequences.

Because mugshot websites seldom reexamine the cases they post, this is the situation. They put you out there, and even after you’ve been declared innocent, the guilt remains.

To Hold Criminals Accountable

Extortion is illegal to conduct committed by several mugshot websites. They publish your name and photograph, then refuse to remove it until you pay a price.

You may be desperate enough to do so to keep your name and face out of search engine results, but this isn’t always the case. Yes, they may take it down, but just to republish it on another website and restart the process.

If you can establish a link, you can assist authorities in bringing criminal charges against these individuals. This is an additional benefit to remove mugshots.

To Safeguard Family Members

When mugshots are displayed on search engines, it does more than damage your reputation. It also causes embarrassment among family members, particularly any young children you may be parenting. You owe it to them and to yourself to take care of these problems as soon as they arise.

To Improve Your Employment Prospects

Mugshots cause more than embarrassment and harm to people’s reputations. It can also make finding a job extremely difficult. While employers should not hold your history against you, they do have a lot of leeways to distance themselves from you through business regulations.

You should not be unmarketable because of a single blunder. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence, which is just another reason to remove mugshots as quickly as possible.

To Make Our Society Better

It’s more than a personal benefit to work with mugshot removal services. It can benefit society as a whole by lessening the impact of profit-over-people websites on the reputations of all persons who have been wrongfully charged or who have served their sentence and are ready to move on with their lives.

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