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A Guide to Applying to Canada Spousal Work Permit from Canada

Canada Spousal Work Permit

Individuals who do not have a permanent resident status are required to have a work permit to be able to work. It also applies to the spouse/legal partner of a person with permanent or temporary resident status and has the relevant authorizations to work. 

Canadian immigration and citizenship laws permit applications to be made for a Canada work visa/permit from wherever you are located, i.e., from within or outside of Canada.

Canada Spousal Work Permit from Canada
Canada Spousal Work Permit from Canada

Eligibility Criteria (General)

People seeking to work in Canada have to pass the general eligibility criteria. These include:

● You have to prove to an officer that you will exit Canada on the expiration of your work permit. 

● You must show that you have sufficient funds to ensure that you can take care of yourself and your family during your stay in the country. These also include returning home. 

● You may have to provide a police clearance certificate to showcase that there are no criminal records. 

● Not to threaten Canada’s security.

● Depending on the application, you have to undergo a medical assessment. 

● Not planning to work for an unlisted employer

● You must provide all the documents and relevant certifications to the immigration officer. 

Eligibility Criteria (Specific)

Additionally, when you apply from within Canada, the following criteria (excluding refugees and special categories) need to be fulfilled:

  1. You should have a proper study or work permit. 
  2. You must be eligible for a post-graduation work permit, including a study permit. 
  3. You have a temporary resident permit that is valid for at least six months. 
  4. You’re waiting for your permanent residence application approval when you are in Canada. 

Proceed After Understanding

It is advisable to understand the factors affecting the application because they are highly critical. You can partner with the top immigration consultants to ease this process. The objective is to protect both the interest of Canadian citizens and the applicant. These undesirable elements can include having a criminal record, poor health conditions that pose a risk to Canadian healthcare facilities, etc. After understanding all these elements, you can proceed with your application. 


Work permit applications for in-Canada spousal class, i.e. 

a) where both the partners are residing in Canada;

b) the sponsoring partner is permanent resident in Canada or have a valid work permit; 

c) the sponsored partner has a temporary resident status; and,

d) the sponsored partner has the same address as the sponsor.

Applications are made under the following categories:

➔ sponsored spouse/common-law partner has not yet applied for permanent residence

➔ sponsored spouse/common-law partner has already applied for permanent residence

In either case, applicants have to apply for a Canadian Open Work Visa/Permit. Applying for a work permit online is always preferable because in-built system checks ensure error-free and complete applications. Furthermore, candidates can submit the application offline via mail too. When sending the application by mail, please ensure to put all the required applications/ documents (sponsorship, permanent residence, supporting documents for the work permit, evidence of fees paid, etc.)

For payment of processing fees, currently, the work permit fee stands at CAD 155. The open work permit holder fee is CAD 100, 

a valid debit/credit card with a sufficient balance must be kept handy. 

For online applications, you need to register at canada.ca. You can create your username and password, called the GC Key, or your banking credentials through an authorized Sign-in Partner. It is a listed bank where you have an existing bank account. This can be used for application submission and tracking, 

payment of fees, etc.

Post Submission

After processing takes time as officials need to verify multiple things. These include the correctness and completion of the application itself, the documents, eligibility criteria, information or documentary evidence required, etc. 

  1. It is advisable not to pick up any employment prospects while the application is under processing. These can jeopardise the application and lead to rejection. 
  2. Ensure that you and your spouse’s/sponsor’s residence and work permit status remains unchanged/is maintained/is valid.

Once approved, a Canada work visa containing the terms of work, i.e., type of work, kind of employer, area/place of work, and duration, will be mailed to your given Canadian address. 

You are all set to enjoy your newfound status. 

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