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Which versions of QuickBooks support multiple Quicken files?

Intuit is a leading organisation that develops the best accounting software in the market. Its QuickBooks accounting software has created an enormous fan base among business holders and the same holds good for Quicken. Both of them are the brainchild of Intuit and are equally useful. People generally worry about the compatibility of both the software.

But you must be aware that if your company possesses copies of both then you need not do any work with hands as they are reportable to each other. You can also seek help from Quicken Converter to transfer data.

What actually QuickBooks is?

QuickBooks is an accounting software developed by Intuit and was launched way back in 1998. It is developed by experts to meet the sophisticated business needs of small to medium-sized organisations. Available as a desktop and online version it tends to be flexible. It is also available in pro, premier and Enterprise versions. Its online version that is web cloud-based makes it easy to access QuickBooks from anywhere without installing it. It performs operations like payrolls, invoices, inventory, and report formation.

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What actually Quicken is?

A software named Quicken was launched in 1983 by Intuit and became famous within a blink of an eye. It is actually a personal finance management tool. It helps each individual financial user to manage their data. It facilitates single entry accounting and is able to serve accounting needs like tracking and listing transactions. It will assist you in managing your rented property, developing invoices, managing taxes, keeping an eye on investments and much more. But unlike QuickBooks it cannot work for small businesses. It comes in three versions: starter, deluxe and premier.

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Are QuickBooks and Quicken one and the same?

Both the software are different and comprise different features related to businesses. Quicken usually is developed for personal finances while QuickBooks handles all complex business worries of small businesses. You need to choose the right accounting software among both with respect to your needs. Go through all the functions of both the software and you will come to know which one is right for you.

Can you interconvert the data between both software?

Yes, you can convert Quicken data into QuickBooks and vice versa is not possible.  For this, you need to follow basic steps and you are done.

Procedure to convert Quicken to QuickBooks:

  1. By utilizing Quicken Converter:
  • Download the synonymous version of Quicken Converter.
  • Install that converter as soon as the download is completed.
  • Open it and press on next, also read all terms and conditions and click on next.
  • As soon as it is installed select I am transferring data from Quicken for Windows, and click on Get Started.
  • Open the data file present on the system and select it.
  • If needed, browse and choose a file.
  • Hit on convert it and press Ok.
  • Then click on save and your new Quicken file will be saved.
  • Do it through Conversion Utility:
  • For carrying out this process move to file and then utilities.
  • Then choose the converter and from that select from Quicken.
  • Follow the rest guidance provided by the conversion utility and you are done.

If you are finding any difficulty or any error while doing this process you can contact the QuickBooks desktop support phone number mentioned on their site.

About the Quicken Converter:

To make Quicken compatible with QuickBooks software was developed that single-handedly does this job. This software was named as Quicken Converter. You can use it after you download its latest version. There are only certain times when you need to use Quicken Converter such as:

  • Use it only if you are migrating files from the Quicken version that is not the same as QuickBooks.
  • If you have a Mac version of Quicken then first convert it into windows as a conversion utility and Quicken converter both will not work for Mac.

How do versions affect compatibility between QuickBooks and Quicken?

There exists a relation of reporting between QuickBooks and Quicken but there are certain limitations. The transformation of data between these two relies on the versions of both the software you have and the version in which the data was originally saved. If you are trying to convert data from Quicken to QuickBooks data you need a version of QuickBooks that is modern than the Quicken version in which data was created. It is a waste trying to transfer Quicken 2010 data to QuickBooks 2008. If you have any questions regarding it you can contact QuickBooks desktop support phone number that is +1 (267) (857) (9587) .


QuickBooks and Quicken both are best in their place and are agreeable with each other in certain conditions. You can follow the steps mentioned above to transport QuickBooks data to Quicken and if you find any issues you can directly get in touch with them through +1 (267) (857) (9587) which is QuickBooks desktop support phone number.

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