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When should you Upgrade to VPS Malaysia?


If you are thinking of upgrading your hosting, Congratulations! It will not take you long for your site to be successful.

Many people consider upgrading their hosting when their website experiences high traffic and starts running slowly.

Upgrades also become mandatory when you upload too much content, and your hosting refuses to provide enough space to accommodate it all.

So, what will help the best in such a situation?

It’s VPS Server Malaysia.

VPS is the best hosting solution for all the problems that you encounter with your shared hosting. It gives you the highest uptime, reliability, flexibility, easy customizability, and 24/7 dedicated customer support to serve you with the best hosting solutions possible. 

Virtual Private Server combines the benefits of both shared and dedicated hosting. Similar to shared hosting, it shares its server with multiple users but allocates dedicated resources to each user.

In this article, we will further read when is the right time to upgrade your hosting to VPS Malaysia. In the end, I will recommend you the best web hosting company where you can find all the hosting resources in one place.

When is the right time?

After reading the brief intro, you must be wondering when to switch to VPS Malaysia. Here, I have provided a few points to support the above section. Let’s have a look:


1.    When you experience slow website speed

Speed is vital for any website. It plays a crucial role in SEO rankings and user experience. If your website does not load within 3 seconds, your visitors are more likely to switch to a competitor’s site. Therefore, to enhance your website speed, you need a VPS hosting plan that offers more resources and the fastest speed.

2.    When you see an Increase in Website Traffic

The moment your traffic increases by 20% daily and you get 3,000+ pageviews every day, you should upgrade to a VPS. Virtual private servers are best suited for high traffic websites.

3.    When you require a high security

If you find that your website receives security threats from spammers and hackers, it means you need more and better security. This is when you should consider upgrading VPS hosting. Shared hosting is less secure since many sites share the same server, and malicious scripts running on one can negatively affect the rest.

VPS Server Malaysia offers advanced security measures, including end-to-end encryption, SSL certificate, Malware scan and removal, DDoS protection, etc.

4.    The space and resources provided in your current plan are insufficient.

A smoothly running website requires more server space and resources. With shared hosting, this is not possible therefore, you need to switch to VPS Malaysia.

You can add any number of pages to your website and generate as much traffic as you wish with VPS Hosting.

5.    If you are Running Numerous Websites

If you own more than one website, then Shared hosting is not enough for you. For this, you need to upgrade to Malaysia VPS.

VPS Hosting Malaysia put no limit on the number of websites you host on your single VPS Server. It not only saves your hosting cost but reduces your stress by hosting your all sites in one place.

6.    When you need a DEDICATED IP

The best advantage of using the dedicated IP is that no other domain or user will use your IP address. It will be dedicatedly assigned to you only. Therefore, the security of your website will be increased with no risk of spam and abuse from outsiders.

7.    If you are serious about SEO ranking

You must be thinking, what SEO ranking has to do with hosting?

When you host your website on a shared hosting plan, means you are not alone on the server, and hence you share your IP address with many other websites. If any of these sites have a bad reputation, then it will affect your ranking too. So, you better upgrade to VPS Malaysia if you want a better SEO ranking for your website.

8.    Notification by your web hosting provider

When your hosting provider sends you a notification that you have used up all your shared hosting resources, you are required to upgrade to a Malaysia VPS Hosting plan.

9.    When you require additional technical support

Finally, when additional technical assistance is required, you should upgrade to a VPS. With a VPS hosting package, you can get better support for all kinds of technical issues, including migrations, live technical support, server optimization, server installation, and enhanced security.

Are you ready to buy VPS Malaysia via Reliable Hosting Provider?

If you are still on Shared hosting and looking for a cheap VPS hosting provider in Malaysia, I would like to introduce you to Wisesolution.

Wisesolution is the best web hosting company that offers its hosting services all around the world. Along with VPS Hosting, it also offers other web hosting services such as Dedicated Hosting, Shared Hosting, and Reseller hosting. The company promises to provide highly upgraded and reliable resources such as RAM, Unlimited bandwidth, CPU, storage, etc., with all its hosting plans depending on pricing.

Wisesolution offers VPS Malaysia plans with both Linux and Windows operating systems. To check the pricing of the plans, kindly check the below-given image.


Getting started with shared hosting is a great idea. It helps you to learn how to run a website, but as soon as it outgrows, you need to upgrade your shared hosting plan to VPS Malaysia. With Malaysia VPS Server, you can scale up or down your resources according to your website’s requirement. Along with cost-saving, it offers you the highest uptime, reliability, flexibility and customization option to make your hosting experience money worth.

No doubt which hosting provider you choose for your VPS Hosting plan, but it is my responsibility to let you know that Wisesolution VPS hosting Malaysia plans are customized to suit businesses of all sizes.

If you still have any query regarding VPS server Malaysia or its plans, kindly write in the comment section below. I will try my best to give you the best answer possible.

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