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What matters the most in Smartphones: Higher RAM or processor?

What matters the most in Smartphones Higher RAM or processor

Performance is the most important aspect of a smartphone. But, while buying a new phone most of us overlook this important aspect. If you go to the shop to buy a new smartphone then the shopkeeper might describe the camera features, the screen quality and the battery life of the phone. 

Have you ever wondered if you are spending money for the right product? Yes, you must think of it before buying your smartphone. The performance of a smartphone relies on its RAM and processor. But, which matters the most among these two things? Are you wondering about this question too? Some may opine that purchasing a phone with effective RAM can provide you with better performance. On the contrary, some people say the opposite. 

So, let’s find out what matters the most in a smartphone with higher RAM or a smartphone with an advanced processor. After making the comparison, we will find out which are the best phones under 20000 in the Indian market that can provide you best performance, so let’s begin. 

Importance of RAM

·    The RAM supports storing the data into the secondary memory; it is included with HDD, SSD and SSHD.

·    You can store a huge number of applications and software if your phone is facilitated with strong RAM.

·    It helps to optimize your phone’s performance.

Importance of Processor

·    An enhanced processor supports the functionality and speed of the phone properly.

·    The processor supports making visual changes on the phone screen.

·    The processor or CPU is considered the brain of the device.

Comparison between RAM and Processor

·    The prime comparison between RAM and Processor is, RAM supports storing data on the phone temporarily. On the other hand, the Processor is considered the main processing unit of a smartphone.

·    The RAM supports running several programs or applications on a smartphone. Thereafter, the processor is responsible for controlling the speed of the application or smartphone programs.

Therefore, as for the conclusion, we can say that the processor and RAM both importantly matter for enhancing the performance of a smartphone. So, if you want to buy phones under 20000 then you must scrutinize these two factors so that you can get a good performing smartphone.

Best 8 GB RAM mobile under 20000

Now, if you are thinking of buying phones under 20000 with 8 GB RAM mobile facilities, then in the following section we will suggest some of the best 8 GB RAM mobile phones that you can get in the Indian market.

Realme 8s 5G

If you are looking for the best 8 GB RAM mobile, then Realme 8s 5G will be a smart choice. Your search for phones under 20000 with a high-end processor ends here because this offers you MediaTek dimensionality with an 810 5G processor. So, you can go for it to get better performance.

Vivo Y33s

If the previously mentioned phone is not your choice for buying phones under 20000, then you can buy Vivo Y33s. This is another best 8 GB RAM mobile that you can get in the Indian market. This phone is enriched with an octa-core processor. Therefore, it can be considered a reliable option.

Samsung Galaxy M31

Samsung Galaxy M31 is another best to buy option of 8 GB RAM mobile. The Samsung Galaxy M31 phone features Android Pie 10 operating system and its processor type is Samsung Exynos 9 Octa 9611. If you want our recommendation then we will consider this mobile as the best phone under 20000.

So, our analysis of the smartphone’s RAM and processor ends here. As per the entire analysis, we can say RAM and processor both are important aspects of a smartphone. If you want to buy a best performing 8 GB RAM mobile then you can pick one option from our list of phones under 20000. If you are worried about the finance, then Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card can support you to obtain easy EMI skim.

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