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What are the best Barcodes for Indian Businesses?

EAN Barcode India

A barcode is a visual representation of information that can be read by machines on the surface of items and things. Barcodes were originally used to store data based on the width of parallel printed lines and the space between them, but they are now printed in point patterns, concentric circles, or buried in pictures. Barcodes can be read with barcode readers, which are optical scanning equipment, or scanned from photos with specialist software.

Types of Barcodes in India

1D barcodes encode data by altering the width and spacing of parallel lines in a predictable manner. Some of the most well-known barcode varieties, such as UPC and EAN codes, are among them.

UPC barcodes

The UPC-A barcode has 12 digits. When just the first 11 numbers are utilized in coding, the final number added is referred to as the check digit. The UPC- A barcode was used for the first time in the food industry. However, the US government then enabled the application to apply to all sorts of items and goods in all areas of wholesale and retail. The goal is to speed up the payment process while also keeping track of and controlling the commodities that circulate in the market.

EAN barcodes

Compared to the UPC-A, the EAN-13 barcode is a step forward. EAN-13 is made out of 13 digits by adding 1 additional number. The 12 digits of the EAN-13 standard are encoded using UPC- A barcodes. If the encoding is absent, it will be substituted with a 0 to make a total of 12 numbers. The program will add the last digit to make 13 – the check digit at the conclusion of the sequence.

As a result, EAN-13 is referred to as the UPC-“Superset.” This implies that we can convert from UPC to EAN, but not the other way around. Because EAN Barcode India encodes up to 13 digits, converting back to UPC-A with just 12 digits will result in erroneous code company and product code.

In a nutshell, EAN-13 is UPC-A enhanced with nation codes for the purpose of managing goods globally, and the usage of EAN is also the use of UPC, mostly for retail products. As a result, EAN and other barcodes become more familiar to us.

Application of Barcodes

When things need to be numbered with important information for computers to process, barcodes are utilized. The operator simply has to scan the barcode for the barcode reader device instead of typing a string of data into the computer’s input. They also perform well in completely automated environments, such as airport baggage handling.

Depending on the application, the data included in the barcode differs. A string of identifiers is used as the index in the database in which all other information is kept in the simplest scenario. This is how EAN-13 and UPC codes, which are widely used in retail, function.

Barcodes may be found on almost any product we purchase. However, not all barcodes are created equal, and the numbers displayed on barcodes vary. For more information, visit here.

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