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Voters rejected the radical change: Chile Constitution

There is a new constitution being introduced in Chile to replace the one drawn up under Gen Augusto Pinochet’s military rule. Voters in Chile rejected it. Almost 62% of voters voted against the progressive draft in a referendum. 

The defeat margin is much larger than the opinion poll had suggested. Gabriel Boric, the president of Chile, had backed the new constitution. He would also work with Congress and civil society to come up with a “new constitutional process”. He also said that the voice of the people should be heard in the proposal by the constitutional convention. 

Let us tell you that the process to replace Chile’s military rule era started three years ago after a mass protest. The mass protest is usually seen as a stability sign in the region. In October 2020, about 80% of the population of Chile voted to replace the old constitution in a referendum. 

It is also declared that Chile, a plurinational state, is recognizing the rights of Chile’s indigenous population, which makes up about 13% of the population. It is for their lands and resources only. 

The rejected draft has changed many Chilean institutions, replacing the senate with a chamber of regions. It also contains the demands of women groups like the right to abortion and the requirement by the law as 50% of the positions are for women. 


  1. Who is the president of Chile?

Ans. Gabriel Boric 

  1. How many voters are against the progressive draft?

Ans. 62%

  1. When did the old constitution referendum take place?

Ans. October 2020. 

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