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V6 Powertrain and Reasonable Pricing makes 2022 Acura MDX Popular

2022 Acura MDX

A car equipped with a V6 engine will always offer excellent power that a driver would love. However, Acura has kept the trims’ prices quite reasonable for anyone to buy. To check out this vehicle in detail before purchasing it, one should reach Nellis AFB Acura dealership but before anything else check out its powertrain and price fixed for this automobile.

V6 powertrain and more

The 2022 Acura MDX is fitted with a V6 3.5L engine that generates 290 horsepower. Also, it is hooked to an impressive automatic 10-speed transmission rather than a 9-speed like its predecessors. This transmission is responsible for changing gears smoothly without any hassle and makes driving quite efficient for all. Also, standard FWD happens to be the standard drivetrain for this generation while AWD is offered as an option.

Though the 2020 variant of MDX used to provide a hybrid powertrain also, Acura hasn’t made any comments about 2022 MDX getting something like that. Hence, it can only be confirmed that Acura is launching a hybrid version too, once the company officially releases a statement about it.

However, the Type S trim of 2022 MDX is equipped with a V6 3L turbocharged option that delivers 355 ponies and AWD is a standard option. This is the 2022 MDX that most people want to drive simply because of its sheer power and acceleration ability.Also, its nimble handling is what any driver would enjoy on road.

Moreover, the EPA rating shows that this car can provide people with a mileage of 19 mpg in cities and 26 mpg on highways.People willing to get the all-wheel-drive trim will receive the same fuel economy in cities but for highways, it will drop by 1 mpg. If you are still curious about the available powertrains and want to know more before purchasing this vehicle, thenreach Nellis AFB Acura dealer.

Reasonable pricing

A car with such a remarkable powertrain starting from just $49,045 is quite unbelievable. Apart from the powertrain, the design and styling of Acura along with the features included makes every trim value for money.

Above the base trim, other options consist of Technology that is $52,625, A-Spec available at $58,125, Advance at $61,675, and Type S at $67,745. On paper that might look like a lot of money but when compared with its rivals, the 2022 MDX is quite affordable for all.

You should always opt for the Type S model because it doesn’t even cross the $68k mark but offers a remarkable powertrain. Also, it comes loaded with luxurious features leather upholstery, heated seats, auto dual-zone climate control, dashboard covered with leather-covered French-stitched option, and more.

However, people can also opt for A-Spec or Advance as both of these two variants are also excellent for people to buy since they also offer good features.

To understand which model suits you best and would fulfill all your needs, just visit Acura dealership quickly and decide after checking out all the available trims and test-drive your preferred choice.

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