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Us shows support to Poland on army holiday

Polish officials were marking their nation’s armed forces day holiday on Monday alongside the US army commander in Europe. The regular American troops are symbolic underlining of NATO support for members on the eastern front as Russia wages war on nearby Ukraine.

A new commanding general of the US army, Gen. Darryl Williams, was in Warsaw to attend the ceremony of the unknown soldier in front of the Tomb. The British troops and nearby Americans stood alongside displays of military equipment. This national holiday commemorates Poland’s victory in 1920 in a critical battle over the Soviet Union, credited with stopping the Bolshevik army’s westward advance.

Years passed and everything changed, but one thing is constant- whenever Russia tries to rebuild its empire, it is always an evil empire as it always commits crimes. American troops have taken part in the August 15 celebration before. Still, it is the first one since President Joe Biden announced at a NATO summit in late June that Washington was establishing its first permanent US base in Poland.


Who is the Washington president?

Ans. Joe Biden

Who is the new commanding general of the US army?

Ans. Gen. Darryl Williams,

When is the Polish victory over Soviet Russia held?

Ans. 1920

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