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Ultimate Guide to Calculate Electricity Bill

Calculate Electricity Bill

The payment of electricity bills is a regular happening in our Indian households. Once every two months, we pay our pending power bill dues to proceed with the supply of power without any interruption. To ease the method of power bill payment for the Assam residents, the Assam Power Distribution Company Limited (APDCL) has launched many new methods. The APDCL easy pay is one of the most hassle-free electricity payment techniques. According to the preference of the users, they can select their preferred mode of payment. If you want to do your Bijli pay bill, you can easily use the available options. 

However, to provide you with in-depth insight, we have drafted an ultimate guide to calculating electricity bills. Read to know more!

How to calculate your electricity bill online right away? 

To calculate your bill online, firstly you should note that there is no such recipe to calculate your bill as the reason behind this is different charges for different clusters of units. Hence, you may find the difference in charges on different platforms. You can calculate your electricity bill by using your meter readings and can pay by using the Bijli pay bill. 

Before moving on to the calculation of the electricity bill, let’s know the common terminology in the language of electricity. 

  • One Unit of electricity refers to 1 kilowatt-hour (kWh) of power.
  • Hypothetically, if you have a 100-watt bulb then-

The amount of power required to light this bulb continuously for 10 hours would be equal to 1 unit of electricity. This further means that 100* 10 hours will be equal to 1000 watt-hour which will be equivalent to 1 unit of power. This is the basic science behind the actual calculation of electricity bills with its proper terminology. 

Now, let’s proceed to how we can calculate the bill.  

You can calculate your bill from the website of your electricity board. The most commonly used platform for electricity bill payment is by using Bijli pay bill and APDCL easy pay.

 You have to follow the following steps to calculate the bill. 

‘The process after logging in to the website may differ in the electricity boards but the actual steps will be similar’

  • Open your electricity provider’s (APDCL) website and get yourself logged in.
  • Then click on the ‘Web Self Service’ section.
  • Select on Energy bill calculator.
  • Then mark your Supply type and Tariff.
  • Then enter the Phase, consumption, sanction load and connected load respectively.
  • Finally, submit and your electricity bill will be calculated.

By following these steps your online bill will be calculated without any glitches. You also can pay your bill online by APDCL easy pay and also by using Bijli pay bill.

To access the APDCL easy pay option, you do not have to log in using the regathered phone number or email ID. All you need is the service number to process your electricity bill payment. The process is very simple and hassle-free. It can be done within minutes. 

How can you calculate your bill manually?

If you are a person who’s less technologically savvy, then you can calculate the electricity bill manually. You’ll just be needing paper and a pen.

  • To calculate the bill for the current month, you have to note down the last month’s reading and then subtract it from the current month’s reading.
  • After knowing the exact energy consumption, you have to multiply the remaining units by per unit charge.
  • Different boards have different slabs on energy consumption. Interestingly, the charges alter in different unit groups. i.e., it differs from 1-100 units to 101-200 units and so. You can pay the summed-up bill by APDCL easy pay.
  • The govt. levy taxes on electricity bills all over India. So, after calculating the bill, add on the charge of rs.40 and also the energy duty of Rs 0.15 per unit.

Till now you have learnt how to calculate your bill, but to be more precise you should know the exact meaning of the term ‘unit’. To all intents and purposes, a unit refers to 1-kilowatt hour{kwh} of power. 1 kilowatt in layman’s terms is to glow a 100-watt bulb for 10 hrs. This will be equal to a unit. 

Now as you know all the two processes to calculate the electricity bill, it’s up to you which one you choose to calculate your bill according to your ease and comfort. But if we compare online calculation with manual calculation then my weighing scale will lean towards online calculation as you can easily calculate your bill by using the energy bill calculator and after calculating you can pay through Bijli pay the bill instantly.

Now you can pay your electricity bill and other utility expenses via the Bharat Bill Payment System offered by the Bajaj Finserv. This one-stop platform is the answer to managing all your billings and bookings. 

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