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Ultimate Gift Guide For Love Birds On Special Day


Your Valentine’s Day ultimate gifting guide is here. Looking forward for a twist in the same old romantic gifts? This blog might help you. Here are a few suggestions to help you decide clearly between popular Valentine’s Day gifts, i.e. cakes, flowers and jewellery. While these gifts might sound obvious, they are bound to render your girl speechless. Below mentioned are different innovative ways to gift your Valentine romantic gifts that she will adore. The category remains obvious but if chosen wisely the gifts could be more than just things symbolising material pleasure. Choose your perfect gift for Valentine’s day now to awe your lady love with a meaningful gesture of love.

Cakes & more

Delicious sweet treats are an obvious gift choice. After all, no one minds a little bit of sweetness on the day of love. Here are a few romantically popular ways of gifting cakes and other baked goods which are made easy by online cake delivery in noida.

Basket of mini muffins

A beautiful cake basket decorated with flavorful mini muffins is the perfect way to say ‘I care for your sweet tooth’. These muffins are your cue to have a romantic evening somewhere in a park or cosy setting sharing the sweet treats.

Customised cakes

Beautiful customised cakes from expert online cake shops have to be your go-to gift to surprise your lady love with a special edible present.

Box of cupcakes

An adorable box filled with cupcakes in myriads of flavour is perfect for someone indecisive about their favourite flavour.

Baked goodness other than cake

If your Valentine is not a cake fan, sweep her off her feet with personalised love doughnuts, tarts and waffles.


Flowers are the purest gift for pretty women. Their elegance and softness though momentary is enough to intrigue them forever.

A simple large bouquet

A giant bouquet of blood-red roses or radiant sunflowers could be your way to say ‘I love you’ .

Aesthetic two-tier floral cake

These visually appealing two-tier cakes are the perfect reason to binge eat calories on 14th February. You can get best cake in Bangalore from the top bakeries in a variety of flavors and designs.

A floral basket with greeting card

A beautifully customised floral basket with handpicked fresh flowers and a handwritten greeting card could be your declaration of platonic love for your beloved.

A blooming flower plant

The idea of giving live blooming plants has an edge over a simple bouquet that lasts just a couple of days. This plant will be a reminder of the growth of your love.

Mixed flower bouquet

Why give predictable roses when you can order a personalised vibrant bouquet filled with exotic fragrant flowers of all colours, right?

Flower Teddy combo

A flower and teddy combo is the cutest and most overused Valentine gift that never fails to please girls. 


Minimalistic jewellery for everyday wear is a great option. Girls who love to adorn themselves can’t get over this particular thoughtful Valentine gift.

Floral jewellery

Simple floral jewellery made by preserving old flowers could make great gifts. You could gift her jewellery made out of the first rose she ever received from you. This would be the ultimate romantic gesture.

Initials necklace

A necklace with her initials on it is trendy, chic, fashionable and gift-worthy.

Name necklace

Customised ‘name’ necklaces are best suited for surreal Valentine gifts due to their personal appeal.

Vintage pendant

Large vintage pendants are statement jewellery that could be carried with fashionable outfits. These pendants with a custom photo locket with tiny pictures of you and your lover are the best way for her to carry around a part of you wherever she goes.

Couple rings

Personalised his and her couple rings are Valentine’s things. There is nothing romantic other than celebrating the festival of love then getting engaged to the love of your life with these special rings.

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