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Top Tips To Improve WordPress SEO


When it comes to choosing a CMS, majority of the people select WordPress as it is quite SEO-friendly as standard. It allows the users to make high-quality websites without coding, which helps many people set up their business without coding knowledge. There’s a lot of competition when it comes to SEO ranking.

However, there are various ways that you can use to improve WordPress SEO. Also, you can consider consulting agencies to help you out in that. Various such agencies are available in the market, such as Brainvire, and you can learn more by visiting this page.

Even if WordPress is out-of-the-box and SEO-friendly, it does not mean that you will simply launch your website, and it will rank at the top of the search results. You have to work on various factors to improve the ranking and understand a few SEO tactics.

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You do not have to worry if you are new to these terms, and it sounds complicated as WordPress has made it easy for people like you to improve the SEO of your webpage. With the help of the features offered by WordPress, even a beginner can get organic traffic to their website from Google.

What Exactly Is WordPress SEO?

Even if WordPress saves your time and offers you free strategies to rank on Google, you need to realize that there’s a massive competition for search result ranking, and the basic SEO strategies will not help you get a higher ranking.

You have to put your effort, and even if SEO is a very technical task, WordPress makes it very easy for you to tackle the strategies even if you lack technical knowledge. No matter if you are using a CMS, the SEO strategies remain the same, and you still have to obtain excellent links, churn out high-quality and keyword-rich content, and make sure that your website is free of technical bugs.

Tips to improve WordPress SEO

1. SEO-friendly theme – The first and foremost tip that you should follow is installing an SEO-friendly WordPress theme. There are thousands of free themes that you can select from, and you should choose one that matches your niche and is friendly enough for the search engine. Test the theme before installing it, as it might come with plugins and scripts that will decrease the reach and performance of your website.

2. Dedicated SEO Plugin – You should always consider using a dedicated SEO plugin as it will help in offering more functionality to your webpage and, at the same time, will help your site get a higher ranking in search results.

In addition to that, you can get dedicated plugins that are offered to enhances the SEO of your site. You can consider installing Yoast SEO to completely optimize your webpage according to the features you want to provide to the target audience.

3. Hosting provider – The hosting provider you are selecting plays an essential role in the performance of your web page. Choosing the right hosting provider will help you get good security, uptime, and site speed.

Moreover, you should know that site speed is directly proportional to your site’s SEO performance. Your webpage shows a lot about your business; hence, do not settle for a cheap hosting provider and ruin the performance and reputation of your webpage.

4. Permalinks – You should make sure that the permalink you are choosing is SEO-friendly. The best thing about WordPress is that they offer a plethora of options to choose from regarding the URL structure. URLs like https://domain.co.in/?p=68 comes as standard, and they are not quite SEO-friendly.


Let’s say you are serious about the webpage that you developed using WordPress, in that case, you should surely consider following the tips mentioned above. All the factors mentioned earlier will surely help you get organic traffic without any hassle with SEO Agency.

Even if most of them require no investment. However, a few of them needs you to spend a bit extra money, and we will recommend you to do it as it will be a one-time investment and offer a lot of benefits in the long term.

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