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Top places to explore at Virudhunagar

Virudhunagar is one of the must-see tourist destinations in Tamil Nadu due to its impressive attractions, tropical environment, and delectable cuisine. Virudhunagar, a tiny town that serves as the administration centre for the Virudhunagar District and is situated about 57 kilometres southwest of Madurai. The area is known for its extensive traditional culture and is home to several unique and historically significant temples. One of Tamil Nadu’s ancient temples and the town’s main draw is the Mariamman Temple near Virudhunagar.

When to Explore Virudhunagar at its Best

Although Virudhunagar is reachable all year round, winter is thought to be the best time to explore the area. Winter weather in the area is still favourable for tourists, making it simple for visitors to experience the landmarks.


In Virudhunagar, the summer seasons stretch from March until May. These are the warmest months in Virudhunagar, with temperatures ranging from 34 to 42 degrees Celsius continuously. Visitors still want to travel throughout these seasons to discover Tamil Nadu considering the warm and dry atmosphere.


In Virudhunagar, the monsoon period begins in June and extends until September. The town has considerable rainfall throughout these seasons, making it challenging for visitors to fully experience the area.


In Virudhunagar, the winter season officially starts in October. Additionally, the area is fairly comfortable to explore throughout these months because the temperature ranges from 20 to 32 degrees. Winter is regarded as the ideal time to explore Virudhunagar due to the cooler and less moist weather.

Leading Tourist Destinations and Activities in and Surrounding Virudhunagar

The city of Virudhunagar is loaded up with numerous temples that are significant historically. Tourists can find various noteworthy attractions in Virudhunagar’s surrounding areas, as well as a number of well-known temples for travelers. Travelers can enjoy the wildlife activities, rivers, and waterfalls in the nearby surroundings.


Tiruchuli, which is 33 kilometres from Virudhunagar, is a wonderful city and the hometown of Sri Ramana Maharshi, one of the most respected saints of current memory. Numerous holy locations, like Bhuminathaswamy Temple, are located there. The tall surrounding walls of the current temple compound accommodate a number of shrines. After exploring this place, you must know the benefits of reserving a Virudhunagar hotel for resting purposes.


Aruppukkottai, a renowned handloom and powerloom manufacturing hub, situated about 19 km west of Virudhunagar. Throughout this area, one can find small businesses including oil refineries, straw bands, rice mills, ginning companies, and dying companies. Jasmine flowers, however, are abundant there and are also utilized to make conventional flower garlands.


The old town of Madurai is undoubtedly the most interesting landmark around the township of Virudhunagar. Madurai, which is embellished with a variety of historical sites, is known as the imitation jewellery purchasing capital of Tamil Nadu. Even though the town is dedicated to many temples, the renowned Meenakshi Meenakshi Temple is by far the most renowned and, as a result, also highly popular.


The Grizzled Squirrel Sanctuary, which contains the threatened grizzled giant squirrel, is the ideal place for animals to reach Virudhunagar. The sanctuary, which covers a vast region of 480 sq km, is not only home to enormous squirrels but also to other endangered animals including the Nilgiri Tahr, Leopard, tiger, and Lion-Tailed Macaque. At the Grizzled Squirrel Sanctuary, one may also see fascinating reptiles, unique birds, and beautiful butterflies.


The well-known Mariamman Temple, which is thought to be 500 years old, is located around 37 miles from the city of Virudhanagar. This temple is situated at the strange junction of the Arjunan River on the northern edge and the Vaippar River on the southward, making it a cherished location in Tamil Nadu.


Pilavakkal Dam is without a hesitation the most spectacular location worth exploring while on a trip to Virudhunagar. This dam, which is about 55 miles from Virudhunagar, is a great location for a picnic with a playground and children’s amusement. Collectively, Kovilar Dam and Periyar Dam create this family-friendly area near Virudhunagar.


The Ayyanar Falls are a notable feature of the Western Ghats’ eastern hillsides. The falls, located in a heavy forest around 70 kilometres from Virudhunagar, are a renowned attraction for tourists traveling to Rajapalayam and Virudhunagar. These falls receive their water from the local monsoon rainfall. The nearby towns use the cascade’s purportedly exceptionally fresh water for drinking. Regional farmers in the neighbouring areas use these waters for agriculture as well. The area next to the Ayyanar Falls is ideal for climbing through wooded mountains for tourists. After a hectic day, you should understand the reasons for booking a room at a Virudhunagar hotel.


Previously Kamarajar’s home and now a national historic site, Kamaraj House in Virudhunagar is the ideal location to visit for anyone interested in learning more about the biography of a former chief minister. Pictures and other personal items belonging to Kamarajar are on display in the memorial building’s main gallery.


The Nayak Kings built the Lord Vishnu temple, which is dedicated to him. The temple is situated in the Virudhunagar neighbourhood of Srivilliputhur. Numerous worshippers come to Virudhunagar each year solely to obey God at this monument and ask for the Almighty’s good wishes.

Accommodations in Virudhunagar

Virudhunagar provides hotels in the standard and affordable categories for visitors. These lodging choices offer a relaxing stay and enjoyable amenities. But to receive better choices, one must look for hotels in Madurai, which offers a wide range of hotel choices, from cheap to luxurious.

How do you get to Virudhunagar?

It is not challenging nor complicated to get to Virudhunagar. Any significant mode of transportation, including railroads, roads, and airways, can get one to the area. Both air travel and rail travel are recommended as the most comfortable ways to go to Virudhunagar.

Virudhunagar became a significant commerce hub while under British rule. Millet, cotton, and edible oils generated through commission trading are well-known in Virudhunagar. In recent times, Virudhunagar has also adopted e-commerce.

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